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Stonecrossing of Westchase (formerly Sandpiper Village)

3030 Elmside Drive, Houston, TX 77042
% Recommended
City Average

I wish Sarah could came back. The staffs are sucks.They are very rude and do not care about the apartment at all. They did not give any notification about my package and I have to call the post office several times… Full Review ▶


Two days ago my apartment along with two more apartments were burglarized. The windows are so thin that the burglar opened them at ease and jumped in. Although i have been staying here for the past one year, this complex is… Full Review ▶


Agree 100% with last posts and responses. I can't believe the decline in staff relations. Prior management were Never disrespectful can't believe the level of rudeness. You won't retain tenants with that attitude. Full Review ▶


The new Property Manager (Deanna) really need to take a Business Etiquette, Effective Listening Skills, and Communication Skills course. She has some serious issues when it comes to dealing with the residents. She's very loud, obnoxious, demeaning and unprofessional! I've never… Full Review ▶


Horrible place. It was built in the 60s. So it is very old nasty complex. You will need the maintenance to come to your unit as always you will have something needs to be fixed. And the management will schedule your… Full Review ▶


Very good experience. PROS: relatively quiet, safe, affordable price, and central location. CONS: older bldg. complex = high utilities. Parking has become horrible over the last few years and no lighting on the very back row of complex (females use extra… Full Review ▶


Stayed here when the apartments were under different management. Since then things have changed.(HORRID) When I first moved in management was great. Of course the staff I dealt with while moving in are now gone. Upon moving out I had to… Full Review ▶


My apartment has been broken into FOUR TIMES since I have been here - and the management does not seem to care about it at all. The area is not safe at all - do NOT move here or it is… Full Review ▶


I've lived here a year and a half and am happy with my 1 bedroom/1 bathroom home. Here's my experience thus far: PROS: Price: Decent price for rent, though not so low it attracts hooligans. The apartments aren't uber luxurious but… Full Review ▶


If you're like me, you always read reviews before moving into an apartment. You probably want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly upfront whether than find out later on. I can assure you this rating is unbiased and… Full Review ▶


One of the worst places to live on elmside seriously they hook you in with being friendly at first but the apartments are horribly maintained sometimes the grass wont be cut for weeks and then other times there waking you up… Full Review ▶


All I have to say is parking is a total nightmare! There is a fee to get a covered asigned parking and I've been on a waiting list for a very long time, so they offered an asigned parking under a… Full Review ▶


In short; This is a great Apartment Community. I have resided here the last 2 years and the maintenance service has always been promt. The office staff is very courteous and professional. Such a clean and quiet, small property with adorable… Full Review ▶


I lived at Stone Crossing of Westchase for a few years, so I have a pretty good idea of life on this property. In short: stay away. The first year at this location was fine. Crime was low, people were quiet,… Full Review ▶


I moved here in 2008 to be closer to school and have had no major problems. The apartments are spacious and the office staff is prompt and curtious. They always keep us up to date on anything happening in the community… Full Review ▶


I am a 25 year old single woman living by myself. I moved into Stonecrossing in Feb or 2009 and am renewing my lease for another year. Please keep in mind these are MY experiences here; I can't speak for other… Full Review ▶


Stonecrossing at Westchase is a great place to live. I first moved to Houston in January 09' I moved into Stonecrossing in February. I can easily say that was probably the best decision I ever made. The office staff is EXTREMELY… Full Review ▶


I've been living in this Apartment Complex since 2004 and I have not had any problem since then,it is a very quite area even though it's closed to the westheimer blvd,very convenience area,good appearance at the entrance of the complex and… Full Review ▶


This is little danger place to live. I lived there for 2 years and 5 months, In that time, following were incidents with me: (1)Yr 2008/Jun : Morning 8.00 AM, Mugging in parking Lot. (2)Yr 2009/March : Robbery and break-don of… Full Review ▶


I must say that I love Stonecrossing of Westchase. I have been living here for 8 months now and it has been nice the entire time. I was 9 months pregnant at the time that I moved here in search of… Full Review ▶


Stonecrossing is Great place to Live. I have been here for 8 months now and never had any problems. the security is good, and the manangement is very polite and helpful. Full Review ▶


Stonecrossing was actually my first 'home' on my own. It really felt like home, and the office staff was AMAZING! They were very understanding, prompt with maintenance requests, and they worked with you as much as they could. They really genuinely… Full Review ▶


I'm here for last 2 years and I highly recommend this place. I've never had a pest problem( I think the person has a pest problem is a dirty person) The office staff and maintenace are good. The ground is kept… Full Review ▶


i lived here for 4 years and really enjoyed the management. the apartment was sold after my 2nd year but the new management was excellent, maintainence was good, grounds kept up well,,and the new manager sarah went out of her way… Full Review ▶


I've nearly been a resident here for 5 yrs and before the neighborhood was very calm and settle. However, when a new managment company took over in 2003 I belv the apartments started to go down hill. Roberies, Sex Assaults, all… Full Review ▶


I like here. Good location (close to my work), Office staff are great and the grounds are well kept. I guess I will renew. I wish I had a free parking. Full Review ▶


The only bad thing I can say about the place is the location. If you go inside the loop a lot it gets to be a pain driving down Richmond or Westheimer all the time. The office staff are great and… Full Review ▶


When I first moved in the staff was great..but as soon as I needed assistance they seemed to be bothered. After all the crime that went on in and around the complex I finally decided to move out. After moving the… Full Review ▶


I would say this place is in a great location...close to everything! The grounds are always well kept, nice, and neat. Its not very noisy, public that lives here is pretty decent and well behaved. I havent had any problems. The… Full Review ▶


I had very good experience with Office staff Specially Yukie. We are first renters and she helped us a lot so whenever you go there ask for yukie she is the Best. Also the Maintenance staff gives very quik response. The… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Stonecrossing for over a year and most recently renewed my lease. While I had many options regarding my housing needs I chose to stay for the following reasons, first the management office staff are always courteous and… Full Review ▶


The office director Sarah is so fake. Please do not trust what she said. She is being nice in front of you but her attitude change when I decide not to continue my lease. I am not sure I will able… Full Review ▶


Does not look that great, could be cleaner and better maintained Full Review ▶


Management staff with the exception of one person (Yukie) very petty, unprofessional and adolescent. New management staff very much needed. Maybe corporate should consider promoting the staff that really does the work rather that the "cute" staff that has no clue… Full Review ▶


I just moved here from Louisiana and I have to say that my apartment community is very beautiful. The staff here made it so easy for me to transition here to Houston. There bedrooms have plenty of space and I love… Full Review ▶


This is my second apt in Houston, and I really like it! The kitchen is sooo cute. I've never seen kitchen like this....The maintenance is ok and office stuff are very sweet. My renewal is coming up...I think I'll renew. I… Full Review ▶


>I really like living at stonecrossing. It is very peaceful. It's even calm on a friday or saturday night.

>management is very nice.

> The interior of the apt is decorated nicely. Faux granite kitchen countertops, Huge mirrored sliding closet door, two-tone… Full Review ▶


New management staff is great! Great customer care and the apartment is well kept for this price, and tastefully decorated! I really like the kitchen, the french door and washer and dryer. I recommended to all my friends and I got… Full Review ▶

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