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Takara So Apartments
1919 W Main St, Houston, TX 77098
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I lived in the Southeast courtyard until 2 months ago. About 5 to 10 -------- children run around until up to 12am yelling, screaming and running up and down stairs. Almost EVERY night.
Meth Addict lived in apt next to me - their fumes were going into the apt. on the other side and being inhaled by a poor infant.
Roaches here are also horrific. Open your kitchen cupboard or outside door and they will fall all over you. Don't go to sleep here with your mouth open.
Someone parked in your paid space here? Berta will send them down to your door so they can explain how bad their problems are and still not move the car out of the spot you paid for. She won't have them towed.

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