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6 User Responses

When I initially moved into this complex, I would have given a positive review. However, after being broken into TWO TIMES in 6 months (both through the LOCKED sliding back door), I no longer feel the same.
My apartment was broken into for the first time in May of this year (2013). The police were informed, and nothing ever came of the "investigation." The management was very nice and apologetic,so I decided I would stay put.
My apartment was broken into, and RANSACKED, for the second time in November of this same year. I went to the management and informed them of what happened, and even showed them pictures of what the thief did to my apartment. I am being told as of right now, that I will be unable to break my lease without penalty, even though I declare unsafe living conditions. Overall, I have had approx. $2000 (2 laptops, 1 television, 1 iPad, 1 iPod)worth of goods stolen from me.
I also spoke with my neighbor to see if she had heard any strange noises, and the only thing she was able to tell me was that she knows it has been happening to other people. Great! I informed the management of this also, and the only thing they had to say was that it must be untrue or unreported, as I am the only person this has happened to on record.
On a side note, after reading some of the other reviews on here, I have to support the fact that since the new management came into play, things have gone downhill. Our online rent pay system was down for about three months, and when it finally came up again it was not user friendly, and ended up deducting double the rent from my account for the month of October. Also, the water is being shut off constantly. I have had 3 notices on my door in the past month informing me of such.
Oh, and another thing! This complex has 2 phases (meaning that someone has the EXACT SAME apartment number as you), which I think is ridiculous and apparently too confusing for the office staff. I have received numerous notices on my door that were clearly not intended for me, as well as a notice in my first 2 months of residency that my porch was "unacceptable," and "unclean." I had NOTHING on my porch.I also have mail that has been lost along the way, so Heaven knows what important documents my neighbors are privy to.
Although the manager, Cindy Thong, is extremely nice, I do not recommend this community to ANYONE.

F.Y.I... don't trust maintenance ! I have been here many years. Everyone who I knew personally who's home was broken into, there was NO force entry ! I have seen maintenance in and out peoples apartments where things have come up missing ! I am not lying ! DO NOT TRUST MAINTENANCE IN YOUR HOME TO REPAIR ANYTHING WHEN YOU ARE NOT HOME ! If you see them paying too much attention when you leave, return asap ! I am not lying, do not trust them. Most burglaries are not done by a stranger on the second and third floors. Unless a person has a key, there will be force entry. If you are on the first floor and they come in and repair anything, check your windows and sliding door when they leave. I am being very honest, maintenance is NOT your friend and cannot be trusted. I change my schedule up very often. The best thing to do is to get to know a few of your neighbors, let them know what you have heard and y'all watch each others unit. If you see them watching you leaving, beware. If you are leaving town beware, load your car at night !! We work hard for what we have, NO ONE SHOULD BE TAKING FROM US, ESPECIALLY MAINTENACE ! Please know I am not lying or exaggerating. I have been here many years and I have see everything that goes on ! Just take what I am saying into consideration and pay attention to your surroundings. You can also request they only come when your home, but you would be letting them know when your not home as well. Set it up where they come in on weekends and explain because you do not like being disturbed when you are sleeping during the day and you work nights. F.Y.I...... Besides maintenance stealing from residents and the over priced rates,$50-$100 rate increases on specific peoples rent renewals each time your lease is up and not sending notices to make the residents aware of incidents, it is a nice place to live. You just have to be a survivor ! But I do feel very safe here, to be totally honest with you. It's a good atmosphere for people 25-60 years old. And I would refer people to stay here, I just would make them aware of the bumps.
I thought I would let everyone know that, upon returning home from work yesterday, I received a "Notice to Vacate" from the property management inserted into my door frame. Apparently, I "...disturb[ed] the rights and conveniences of others..."
Last month my neighbor was burglarized, she thinks by apartment maintenance. She lives (as do I) on the second floor, but(for obvious reasons) most thieves stick to ground floor units to rob..so that's odd. Secondly, she had to USE HER KEY TO UNLOCK her door, after which she discovered she had been robbed The door wasn't kicked in at all, but there was a more than obvious shoe/boot print on the door. It was so distinct, it looked almost drawn on the door. She said maintenance was there immediately after she got home and repaired the "damaged" (not really) door jam and wiped down the door and doorknob before the police even showed up. Does sound like an inside job. Pathetic.
Apparently there have been alot of break in and management does not inform anyone. Thank you for letting us know. I will for sure spread the word.
I want to thank you for the theft notice you left. The apartments should have notified us. I will be calling them in regards to this. I do not feel safe hear at all for many different reasons. I am very unhappy at this complex as well. I finally gave up on getting them to fix anything in my apartment. If you don't mind me asking, what phase did you lived in and how did they come through your sliding glass door? Did they have to break it? I am now even more scared than before.
You are right. The new management does not feel right. I have moved out. They do not return calls, they appear distant, and so on.

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