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Three Fountains III
1617 Fountain View, Houston, TX 77057
8 User Responses

cockroaches in apartment almost every day,spraying by the exterminator does not help
AC goes off in hot nights and heatings in cold nights
unfriendly management
can hear neighbors downstairs all the time
water went out twice, the 1st time was out fr a very long time
dont go by its location go by the quality , I give it a negative 100 rating.

Last Updated: 04/12/11
This reviewed is confusing Three Fountains III, with another complex down the street called Three Fountains (NO III). I went to look at that place also, and this review fits Perfectly. I've called maintenance on a Sunday, and had them come by within an hour. This place is older, but extremely well kept with a great staff. Just read the other reviews.
You're the one who is 100% fake. Seriously, don't you have better things to do than troll an apartment complex's rating on the internet? Obviously you don't. Why don't you do the world a favor and take a long walk off a short pier.
We don't have cockroaches in our apartment everyday. No AC or heating problems. Management are very nice to us. We rarely hear our neighbor upstairs; maybe sometimes people out by the pool though. ANd I believe the only time water was out for an extended period of time in the last three years was some maintenance required at the city level.. oh and during Hurricane Ike. Maybe you're posting to the wrong apartments because this sure doesn't sound like where we live right now.
Sorry, I only speak real English. You can always break your lease, the problem is you don't live here. No I am not a manager. Yes you are a dweeb. Keep rambling and believing everyone who knows you're a troll on Apartment Ratings are only managers. Whatever.
Am I part of the management? Yeah, in your world there is only you and the management. There are no other people reading this, no one is renting here. Go and live the lie. What a dweeb.
Oh, the negative reviews are written by that same guy who wrote the other ones with updates (!) and he does not even live here. He can't even change his routine. You never lived here and you admitted you don't know anyone here. So, what's your beef? Did you have a girlfriend who lived in the apartments and she left without forwarding you her address? (Smart girl), or is it that your attitude is so bad you can't hold down a job and could not rent here? Oh. that's right, you're the guy who built a gazillion upscale apartments around the US. But what attracted you here with your great eye for buildings if you think it's a dump? Get your story straight. I live here and nope, no problems with cockroaches and the managers are great. Air condition is always working. Don't know what your problem is, why don't you go on an AOL board and flame 14 year olds on who is better, Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. I'm sure you'll find an interested group of immature people to relate to. Better yet, put Loser on your forehead. What a dweeb.
That's funny, I got home around 5:30pm and took a shower before my Valentines....not only that, I've called management on a Sunday and I've gotten a maintenance person to my apartment within an hour.
no surprise. this apartment sucks. that blond manager is the worst one i have ever seen.

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