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Victoria Place Apartments
8740 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77063
2 User Responses

I love living at "Victoria Place". Lena is the best manager ever. She cares about the property and her residents. She walks the property and the property is always clean. For the area the apartments offer a lot and also are at a great price. Lena always handles any maintenance concerns promptly and her team and the maintenance staff are awesome.

This is ALL true! Crim is horrible at Victoria Place. And Lena is the worst! She is not a people person, she NEVER follows up on things, and this whole apartment complex is a dump! Which is a reflection on her!
That is NOT true, i lived here for several years and LENA DOES NOT walk the property ONLY when HARRY is here. If she walked the property there would'nt be PIMPS, HOOKERS living among us and SHE dont say anything . Thinking that if tenants knew they would move or not recommend this place to people, If she walked the property she would know that there are tenants that are parking in the covered parking that are not allowed to. We complained she does NOTHING about it so NO LENA does not care. Apt 61 has 2 cars that are out here with a RED sticker and only should be 1 care, they took the BLUE sticker off and was given one from tenants that moved out so where is the TOWING company? They towed my car so whats wrong with theres? I guess some tenants are better than others. The stairs have cracks on them. The buildings are falling apart there assre so many cracks in patio door where you can see the sun causing electric to soar, it NEVERS gets cold in the living room reported problem nothing done, tenants are getting robbed, tenants hanging theirselves its crazy out here. Old builings built in 1979 and want to charge rent for apts that were build in 2006 they need to go down on rent and that is one of the reasons they are moving out of here and of course of the #1 problem LENA! She does NOT know how to talk to people dont know what here problem is. She is ALWAYS rude and sarcastic with tenants talking down to them and she is no better or have no more than the next person. Really she needs an attitude check. Be glad when lease is up NOT renewing. PLEASE dont lease here there are so many problems to list, they NEVER inform tenants when work is being done on water system, wake up and water is off, gates are left open and the new system code never works its hard getting out and in here have to keep putting code in, some of us have remotes what a waste of 30.00 CANT use it, and the water and sewage utility is outragous!!! it is higer than the rent..... walls are paper thin can hear EVERYTHING in next apt. just alot of problems with this property I rate it a 1...

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