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Villas at Huffmeister

15050 Copper Grove Boulevard, Houston, TX 77095
% Recommended
City Average

Wow, this place was once nice place to live. But happened here? It seems like they are letting anyone move here. No offense to any race but It has gotten so " GETTHO ". It seems like its become a section… Full Review ▶


My experience with Villas at Huffmeister was terrible. I would not recommend it to anyone. The management is not helpful at all and is just rude. The gates in the complex are always broken from people breaking them to come in… Full Review ▶


I'l try to make this brief and to the point. I have regretted moving here since day one.$1400 a month for poor management and not-so-luxurious apartments. Problems after problems. Everything gets done on my part and nothing comes from management. Single… Full Review ▶


Imagine having your electricity provider switched and having to incur an early termination penalty. After 3 hours trying to get management to acknowledge that the company that does the utility billing for Villas accidentally/inadvertently switched my provider. They finally realized who… Full Review ▶


After reading several of the reviews posted here I thought they were hard to believe until today. While in the area during lunch today I stopped in to speak with the property manager regarding the rear security gates. This is the… Full Review ▶


the staff are very unprofessional, especially the manager. never try to.help when we have questions. and when she help just jist "bs" so we could stop talking.and try get rid of us. I moved in after couple weeks and theres was… Full Review ▶


I loved living here until recently. There have been several break-ins on the property (which haven't been reported by the management to the residents). There is trash ALWAYS overflowing from the dumpsters and from the pet waste bins. Since these are… Full Review ▶


I am not signing another lease here again. In the past 4 weeks there has been like 5 break ins and nothing has been done about them and on top of that the manager has not let anyone know of these.… Full Review ▶


I will not be renewing my lease here. I have heard things from both current tenants & previous tenants & the only consistent complaint I have heard & experienced has been regarding the current manager. She has had near screaming arguments… Full Review ▶


Current Resident and considering Renewing! I am a current resident and I have to say I was skeptical about renting from here because of the reviews, but please do not let anyone's opinions effect your experience. Living here is great! The… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I live in LA. They told me to move in by Apr.10th so I gave the 30days notice to my apt. and scheduled with moving company and bought the flight tickets but the apartment that I wanted was taken by someone… Full Review ▶


Multiple BREAK INS (actual and attempted)!!! Both cars and apartments, and the Lane Company property manager ------------ does not feel the need to notify all the residents!?!?! What kind of property manager does that? Do not move here unless you want… Full Review ▶


I recently moved from the Villas and I have to say that I really enjoyed the two years I stayed there. I moved in in 2010 when I sold my house. I could not imagine living in an apartment again after… Full Review ▶


I moved into the villas at huffmeister in mid may and can honestly say, it s been great. I have one of the largest two bedrooms with the private entrance from my garage, so that I can deadbolt my front door… Full Review ▶


Don't wipe your walls down, the paint will come off. The carpet is the cheapest. Air conditioner stops working every couple months as well as the dishwasher. For the money-this is a waste of money. Our neighbors are very trashy throwing… Full Review ▶


I am a resident and I will not recommend ANYONE to this property the manager does not understand that customer service is very important! She had a screaming match with me in the office in front of her staff and maintenance… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

The manager ------------ has poor customer service and I went in to lease an apartment today and changed my mind because she does not know how to speak to new potential residents. She tried to talk me into getting the apartment… Full Review ▶


I would not recommend this place to anyone! Four months ago one of our cars was stolen from the parking lot, and the office did nothing about it. They did not send out communication to all residents and they did not… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I fell in love with these apartments after getting a tour of only one floor plan. They really give you a lot for what you pay. My husband and I applied, but were not approved (due to our own things, not… Full Review ▶


I enjoyed my stay at The Villas at Huffmeister, the apartment I lived in was a first floor 2 bedroom 2 bath with an attached 2 car garage (the garage wasn't a side by side 2 car garage it's a single… Full Review ▶


These apartments are "ok" at best. I've seen the maintenance of the place go down in recent months. Apartments are far to expensive for what you get. Trash, trash, trash everywhere! The dumpster stays overflowed! Not a good choice for what… Full Review ▶


I lived at Villas for 13 months, at first it was great but then I had neighbors from hell move in around me. They would stay up all night on weekdays partying and yelling. So I went to the apartment office… Full Review ▶


There's not SECURITY in this apartment as well, when I signed up they told me that they have it! That's another lie to get you sign a lease with them! Ask about burglary or break-ins, the staff won't comment because they… Full Review ▶


This apartment complex is to exspensive for what you get. The manager, Catherine, is rude and doesnt care about her residents. If you have any type of issue she is very disrespectful. Sometimes when there are issues, you want someone in… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for a little over 2 years. I will be moving once my lease is up due to the cost of the apartments. Recently someone took out the gate opener and all gates have been wide open and… Full Review ▶


I just renewed my lease for another year here and I love it. I am close to the beltway and different access routes to other highways. The property is incredibly quiet and clean. There are certain times when the dumpster area… Full Review ▶


The best is not to move into this place. It will cost you a big fortune when you try to move out! And always problems here and there! And be ready to fight because the manager does NOT have any concern… Full Review ▶

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21 $ 1089
31 $ 1399
41 $ 0


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  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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