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Everything about this apartment sucks . This not a place u would wanna live . They can't respond to any emergency or come for repair called in . It's almost two months now and they ve or would not come to… Full Review ▶


After 6 months fighting bed bus, spending my rent money to pay for a hotel room while apartment was being heat treated, I am being evicted. There are gun shots fired off at 2 and 3am. My child came home with… Full Review ▶


Hated it is an understatement!!! These ppl are crooks that only want your money! Stay as far away as possible. Lenicia was the ONLY person on that team who was helpful. The rest are ignorant! Including paul, whom I didn't know… Full Review ▶


I just wonder what people are going to like about this Apartment. Ghetto! Ghetto! Ghetto! 1. If you like areas infested with roaches and rats: This apartment is for you! 2. If you like ghetto life without security: Consider moving in… Full Review ▶


Horrible Horrible Horrible place to live. where do I began Worse 12 months of my life. Maintenance is SLOW No hot water, parking is horrible, noises all night, cars getting broken into, no heat or a.c. upstairs in my townhouse, i… Full Review ▶


Woodbridge I always thought management was good until today Lived there nearly one year pay rent on time and always been nice to people in office I pay extra for assigned parking. I have two cars one parked in assigned and… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

These apartments are very nasty. My cousins just moved in roaches everywhere,laundry room got busted windows and doors,two out of the six dryers work,people hanging clothes on the patio,torn up blinds and not to mention the green --- pond water. Wth!!!!!… Full Review ▶


I recently signed a 12 month lease here at Woodbridge Crossing and I have to say for what I am paying I am impressed. The new Manager is a gentleman by the name Paul, he's absolutely wonderful. Lanesha and Tiara have… Full Review ▶


I wouldn't advise ANYONE to move in here. The manager PAT is very rude and has NO customer service skills whatsoever. The interior is the only thing manageable here but getting maintenance to come around takes forever even with constant reminders.… Full Review ▶


My fianc and I have lived here for almost a year now. NOTHING has gotten fixed in our apartment. The roaches are the worst; which btw on three seperate occasions the "exterminator" was supposed to come spray the apartment. That never… Full Review ▶


OMG....where do I begin? I was drawn into this place because of the rent and the inside of the apartment is great. I love the layout. Within a week of moving in..my upstairs neighbors were constantly having domestic fights. It sounded… Full Review ▶


This apartment has really nice interior, the only sad thing about this apartment is the management, the arrogant lady-PAT. Omg she is so rude and you will hate you even spend money with this apartment. No customers service, no one to… Full Review ▶


Don't ever move into thus place they just want to Rip you off any chance they get the management sucks they don't return your calls the hit water only works part time they dont post a corporate phone number because they… Full Review ▶


First of all you are going to get what you pay for outta of this dump. If you dont mind living without HOT WATER that they charge you for plus gas to make it infant/toddler/animal/unsanitary/rather boil water just to have HOT… Full Review ▶


I lived at this complex shortly after moving to Houston after college almost 10 years ago (when it was the Enclave at the Pavilion). I had hot water issues then too. I would have to wake up early enough to run… Full Review ▶


There are many problems starting with the office staff. They act like prison wardens, they are constantly telling you what you can't do and what visitors you can have, where you should park, where your children can play. I have lived… Full Review ▶


I have been living on this property for almost a year, it has gone DOWN drastically. The property was finally sold to a new company, and of course like the average indiviual I thought it would get better. Oh, but it… Full Review ▶


I've been living in this complex for 30 months. I've tried to move several times but Sendera (a temp book keeper)has put something on my credit. I'm finally moving and I'm so excited.
In the 30 months, I haven't had any hot… Full Review ▶


i would just like to say one thing about sendera woodbridge,what happened to all the turtles? Full Review ▶


This is the worst place I have ever lived. I got stuck here because they accept people with bad credit (I had 1 prior lease break).

1. I haven't had hot water in about 2 months. I keep complaining over and… Full Review ▶


It's not as ghetto as some of the other apartments I have been reading about but there are some problems. I wouyldn't really call it hetto, everyone pretty much keeps to them selves. Someone DID break my car window and steal… Full Review ▶


This complex has gone downhill. When I first moved there it was a nice well keep complex with a pond and ducks. Over the last 3 years things have changed. There has been 3 different managers in 3 years. Upkeep of… Full Review ▶


Me and my family have lived here for quite sometime and we love it.The only problem I have are the birds pooping on my car, which is not managements fault.I have learned not to park under trees.Our apartment has plenty of… Full Review ▶


these apartment when you go into them seem really nice and quiet place to chill and the apt itself is big, but its a dangerous apt complex to live and too many gansters and its dangerous. rent is ok but i… Full Review ▶


Ok i wrote a good review on this place, but now im about to write a BAD one. I pay my rent ontime just like everyone else in the complex. Since Ive moved in, there have been 3 car robberies, and… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


Ok i moved in January to this apartment, Overall there is nice people staying there around me, and the maintence is good too.... The only problem is the fence in the back of the complex, ive seen the same 3 kids… Full Review ▶


When my lease expires I will have lived in this complex for a year and a half. Over all it has been a pretty good place to live, but I have had several problems w/ neighbors stereos in the middle of… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
11 $ 522
11.5 $ 892
12 $ 892
21.5 $ 980
22 $ 953
32 $ 1485


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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