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Brooke Place
5020 Sam Houston Avenue, Huntsville, TX 77340
2 User Responses

I currently live at Brook Place and I moved there Fall 2006, and I'm not planning on renewing my lease. First off, at most complexes, when you give a deposit they usually give it back when you move out and everything is in order. Not here...they make you pay $220.00 to reserve your apartment and have it prepared for when you move in.

When my roomates and I first moved in, nothing had been taken care of. We were missing light fixtures, parts to the over, shower rods, etc. It was also really dirty. Our rooms had hair, used q-tips, trash, vomit on the window screens, and anything else you can imagine in the drawers. The carpets were supposed to be cleaned but they were really filfthy (and still are). They once came out to "clean" them, but there was no improvement, and even then they only did the living room and not the bedrooms or stairs. Our furnished apartment had a broken sofa chair, and a broken tv. The new chair they gave us was just left outside overnight and they took our tv and we didnt get it back for over a month. It still doesnt have a clear picture.

The front office people are not helpful, and they are rather rude. You can never get a straight answer from anyone, and they do not know what they are doing. Maintenece is rude as well.

The shuttle van they provide makes me feel uneasy...why you ask? Oh its because the drivers really cant drive all that well, and they text message and talk on their cells while driving. The complex says the shuttle runs every 7 minutes going to and from campus, well I have been late to class, or have had to wait for 20 minutes for me to get back to my apt. Its terrible, and i'd much rather deal with parking on campus! The van is so small that many times people have to wait until there is room.

I would not suggest anyone signing a lease here, and doing their homework to find another place.

So true about the shuttle drivers (as well as everything else). I seriously feared for my life quite a few times on the shuttle and would rather drive around for 15 minutes looking for parking than brave the shuttle.
All of this is completely true! Our apartment also had things missing and uncleaned carpets. It took forever for them to finally complyl to their part of the deal and give us a "like new" place. I wouldn't recommend them and their unprofessional staff at all!

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