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I just moved into now Montoro Apartments and I have a great apartment...hard wood floors through out...red accent wall to go with all my things...my bday was last week and they sent me a bday card, I thought that was nice...they just sent out a survey asking us what we thought and they mentioned to post this what we thought on here...I love my place

Last Updated: 03/12/08
I want to disagree with you cowboys1 I have lived here for several years and I love it here Management has always taken care of everything in my apt as promised, Montoro apts is a great place to live, they are upgrading throughout the community and inside the apts.
This person sounds like one of the staff. This place has poor management and very old apartments besides stay away from south Irving the staff will sound very nice and helpful over the phone (you'll often hear yes sir) but when it comes to maintenance they will say it will be done today but it could take 2 days or more. Stay away from old building 80's 90's most of the time pest live inside walls. The name got changed recently to Montero but the company is the same grey star so isn t that a red flag why would they change their name from worthing bend oh ok because it has a bad history well you can't erase a history that easy.

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