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Santa Rosa Apartments
2940 W Royal Ln, Irving, TX 75063
1 User Response

This apartment complex is a nightmare!!! I'm out as soon as I can. Here are the problems:
- They take Section 8 and don't disclose it. When I visited, it was early on the morning and everything seemed ok, but check it out after dark. It becomes the hood. It looks like Oak Cliff. Unsupervised thug kids running around, causing trouble. Grafitti all over the walls. Trash everywhere. Lots of pot smoking out in the open, on people's patios, by the pool, everywhere.
- Management does not take care of repairs. It took several requests and finally a threat to withhold my rent for them to make very simple repairs!!!
- The pool is dirty!!! Nasty!!! It's so cloudy you can't see the bottom, even in the 3 ft water!!!
I could go on and on, but you get the idea!!!

This place is a disgrace to Las Colinas. How about asking the groundkeepers to stop urinating and defecating in the bushes. For goodness sake provide them with a porta potty or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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