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Once again Fountains at Katy turned off the water WITHOUT proper notification. They cut it off while I was in the middle of a shower (thanks a lot) so not only did I have to wait around over an hour with soapy hair, I had to wait another few hours before I could actually use the water because every time they turn the water off to work on the pipes (which seems to be too often) the water if DISGUSTING! Who wants to cook, clean, bathe/shower, drink, brush teeth, and wash with orange brown water?!!!!!! Not only is this an inconvenience, but now my bill is going to be sky high because I have to run the water until it runs clear. They can't put a proper notice on the door, but they're quick to put a bill on your door. This place is a disaster area. I will not be renewing my lease! I haven't even been here that long and I'm already wanting to break my lease!

User photo uploaded on 10/13/2013
I lived here for 3 months these places are awful water has been turned off every single month.

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