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Lakepointe Residences
2025 Lakepointe Drive, Lewisville, TX 75057
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Manager Response

My lease will be up soon and here is what I can offer for those considering Lakepointe Residences.

You can sometimes smell the dump. Not always, but in the heat after the rain... the air is less than fresh.

The cabinets are cheaply built and it is visually obvious. Some of the doors and units are mismatched on at least the few apartments I have been in. Overall, much of it feels just plain cheap.

The air does not circulate well. A couple rooms cool quickly. The living room feels really stuffy even after the a/c has been running for quite awhile. They will try to tell you that it is because you are over a garage, but I have lived over a garage before at a different complex and my place cooled just fine. I'm guessing it is just bad insulation and crappy a/c units. All I know, is that my living room is hot.

Both one and two car garages are tight fits. My friend w/ the one car garage has to navigate carefully to park to be assured that both he and his passenger have enough room to get out of the vehicle.

Guest parking is minimal. If you have a driveway, you will have at least those tandem spaces. If you do not, your guests are essentially left to search in hopes for a space somewhere in the vicinity. I have seen residents park in the guest spots even though they are not allowed to. This only makes it worse. (Park in your garages, people. You know you're supposed to.)

The microwave that has its own spot - it's very small. Only fits small plates.

If you leave any of the faucets w/o running them for awhile, it smells when you run them again.

Exterior doors can be in bad shape. Door knobs look worn and chipped. Dings. Bad paint.

All floor plans have attached garages. For this price - that is a GREAT feature.

The area is very safe. The prices are very reasonable.

Nice carpet. Nice crown molding.
Nice recessed lighting.

Because of the layout, many apartments don't share many common walls. No third floor, so no stomping around above you.

Nice and close to good shopping, eating. Easy access to the highway but out of the major traffic.

Office staff has been mostly helpful. Quick to respond, but sometimes they act like even asking politely for small tasks - is asking for something unreasonable. I don't like being made to feel like I'm putting someone out because I would like for something to operate properly.

Watch for those stop signs. Many gates open toward you when you exit.

Phone/DSL service is Verizon.
Cable is Comcast.
Your utility provider is your choice. Pick something cheap, because your bill will be high.

02/20/14Manager Response
Thank you for taking time to rate us!

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