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Somerset Apartments
256 E Corporate Dr, Lewisville, TX 75067
3 User Responses
Manager Response

This is the worse apartment complex ever..First of all they have switched managers 3 times since i moved in June 2011. They have birds that sit over your door, and there is no way of getting rid of them. When i asked how too get rid of the birds, i was advised that if you put out any chemicals or call someone, you would get in trouble..Like really, well Somerset needs to get rid of them. The staff is rude and the upkeep of the apartments suck!! Last but not least, you have to do everything online, your maintenance request and your rent payments and they charge you 19.95 to pay online...OBSURD!!! They do not accept money orders, ONLINE ONLY..This place is a rip off and when my lease is up in JUNE im OUT!

I have lived here for over 7 years and have no problems with the management staff. Quite the contrary. I was super please that Chris came back to our community. He has always worked with me and continues to ..... Great place for an old lady like me. :)
12/04/12Manager Response
Thank you to all for your responses, postive or negative. We want to ensure satisfaction of all of our residents and strive for continued improvement in our management operations. With regard to the birds, if you could please let me know specifcally which apartment home you reside, I will be happy to get with Chris and come up with a resolution inconjunction with our pest control company. We have set up online options for a convenience to our residents. We are happy to accept service requests in the office, via email, via fax, or online. Same with rental payments, you may pay with a personal check in the office. Online debt cards do not have a convenience fee, only a credit card. This fee is charged by the processing company and not our community. Other payment options are Money Gram, which are located in most Wal-Mart locations. Chris is happy to assist any resident with their needs. He is a tenured manager and has been with us for over 5 years. You are also welcome to contact me directly at: sjordan@lumacorp.com 214.361.6666 x116 Kindest Regards, Sherry Jordan Regional Supervisor
Regarding the bird problem. If you simply look around at some of the other apartments you will see they have plastic owls up near the rafters. This is all you need to do to deter the barn swallows that love this community. Also, putting out chemicals puts all other animals at risk for poisoning. Don't forget you are living in a "group" or community and thus other people and problems must be considered besides yourself. I have always paid my rent online and have NEVER been charged a fee. I suspect you are using the old payment website. Call Chris the manager and he will help you. The management and staff have always been friendly and helpful to me. I've been a pain sometimes with problems and have been helped every time. If I had to complain it would be about selfish residents who don't pick up after their dogs. Or perhaps about residents who don't remember they have neighbors and leave the music blasting til 2 am. However, these are exceptions to the norm here at Somerset. I love it here and will be staying for a long time.
NenB now youre totally right about the people not cleaning up behind their dogs, and i do have an owl but they continue to bother me. I dont feel im just considering myself, im not selfish. But your response was helpful, and i can say up until here lately, Somerset has just reently become a problem. Now as far as the birds that has always been a constant problem.

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