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Beautiful Willow Hill Apts

4421 82nd St, Lubbock, TX 79424
% Recommended
City Average

I have lived here for about 6 years. Before the current manager came in, things were going to he!!. But, since the new manager arrived, things are getting done! The office is more open and friendly. Don't feel any tension in… Full Review ▶


I did a sublease for a guy for these apartments at the end of August 2013. I absolutely LOVED my little 1 bedroom apartment. Nothing big or fancy, but comfy and cozy for me and my dogs. If I had any… Full Review ▶


STEER CLEAR OF THE BOULDERS AT LAKERIDGE!!!! I lived here for an entire 15 month lease and it was an awful all around experience. Mind you, this review is written after my lease has been over for 2 years, so I'm… Full Review ▶


i have lived here for a year and it's been pretty good. maintenance is good about getting to work orders quick. wish they had more grass, there is just dirt everywhere. girls in the office are nice. Full Review ▶


So I had the privilege of living there for my entire year lease though I should have been cut from that contract the second day I moved in. After a nice rainstorm, my ceiling started to poor water down in my… Full Review ▶


The apartment complex is very dirty; they do not ever send maintenance to fix things. My apartment smelled like smoke every day I lived there. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. Don't be fooled by their cheaper… Full Review ▶


You can hear everything from outside. I had neighbors that had loud parties late at night. The cops were there at least once every couple of months. The grounds are not well taken care of and they do nothing to reinforce… Full Review ▶


I moved in last May sometime and I remember seeing the model first of all and thinking that it was a very nice place to live. They told me it was a quiet environment and didn't tolerate noise and all that… Full Review ▶


When I lived here they told me my AC was fixed when it wasn't and I had to make manager call her on site service guy so she would believe it didn't work. Cops were always on property for burglaries, noise… Full Review ▶


My roommate and I were so excited when we moved in two years ago. The bedrooms were huge, the rent was reasonable, and it was on the other side of town from the University. Were we in for trouble! Our water… Full Review ▶


I recently just moved into these apartments and I can not believe all the space I get for the money. The closet is awesome! I moved here from Houston and did everything over the phone and online, it was so easy.… Full Review ▶


I currently live in these apartments and cannot wait for my lease to be up. The noise is ridiculous!! The manager used to be friendly, but has suddenly become rude and obviously irritated whenever there is an issue. There is no… Full Review ▶


This place changed management companies while I was living here. The maintenance got worse. I had a leak in my ceiling from the upstairs apartment that took me weeks to get repaired! I came home one day with a hole in… Full Review ▶


We have only lived here for 2 weeks and are already ready to move out. We still have no mail keys and I have been told to wait on the mail man to get keys. We were only given 1 apt… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

We didn't rent an apartment from Willow Hill because the management was very rude to us and they never had a floor plan to show us. They just wanted us to put down a deposit and move in without even seeing… Full Review ▶


This place is overall fairly decent, but the management is very poor. They seem irritated when you put in a request for something, say whatever they need to in order to get you to sign a lease, and will "bully" you… Full Review ▶


For what they charge here, the apartment itself should be 100 sq ft bigger, the hot water should last more than five minutes, the maintenance personnel should arrive the same day and have the issue corrected immediately, and the office staff… Full Review ▶


I agree with the last person. I just moved in a 4 months ago and I can't wait for my lease to run up so I can get out of here. There are 16 washers and only 4 work right now.… Full Review ▶


Don't expect repairs to be made timely or at all. The A/C doesn't like to work during the warms months. The washer doesn't work during the cold months. The plumbing works when it wants to. The office staff is as bright… Full Review ▶


I lived at Willow Hill for two years. I would not have stayed that long if moving wasn't incredibly difficult to fit in my working/graduate school schedule. When I moved in the air conditioner was broken (in July) and it took… Full Review ▶


the bad: apartments are dirty upon move-in. counter tops are painted, and it peels after a couple months. maintenance has a half---- attitude. the office girls are superficial and ------, and not the least bit professional. no fitness center. the complex… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for more than a year and I absolutely love the apartment complex. The location is great, the staff has been very nice, and I haven't had any problems with the apartment. Full Review ▶


i currently live in this ---- HOLE. they will take your deposit WITH NO JUST CAUSE!! The managment here sucks, they will lie to you, and the whole entire office staff is rude!! They are ALL -------!! Not to mention they… Full Review ▶


I have lived in these apartments since November of 2005. I've re-signed my lease and feel that I'm getting a great value. I've lived in Lubbock my entire life, and wouldn't live in any other part of town. The grounds are… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Willow Hill since November of 2006. The apt has hired a new manager that is fantastic. The landscaping at the apts has been the best I have ever seen it. I have had the repair guys in… Full Review ▶


I have recently moved to Willow Hill but have had friends that have lived here for awhile. Since my move in I have been impressed as to how quiet it has been, I don't hear my neighbors and dont hear others… Full Review ▶


We moved into Willow Hill November of O5... the carpet was suppose to be replaced although overtime huge gross spots began to apprear... The dishwasher was from 1900 and didnt work at all... the garbage disposal would always over flow leaving… Full Review ▶


The place is much better now that the new Owners came in a painted, fixed parking lot and hired a new Manager.

Most often I find it is my neighbor that doesnt take the responsibilty for his pet and the maint has… Full Review ▶


I led with that summary to describe our entire 6-month stay at the Willow Hill Apartments. This place is, in one word, terrible. I would not suggest this complex to my worst enemy.

The noise level of the units is unacceptable.… Full Review ▶


Top reasons Willow Hill Sucks
First of all the management sucks, in the fact that they are a very rude and will try everything to screw you out of more money.
Second-The matenance man suck. They can't fix ---- and it takes days… Full Review ▶


This dump is the WORST place I have ever had the misfortune of living in my entire life. The grounds are nasty, covered with cigarette butts and miscellaneous trash; the pool is always a putrid shade of vomit, and the management… Full Review ▶


I loved living here. It was by far the best apartment I had in Lubbock. The neighbors were friendly, the complex was quiet, maintenance was prompt, and the office staff was curteous. The only thing I didn't like is that some… Full Review ▶


Okay - so do NOT live here! The staff is nice, but they NEVER follow through with anything they say they will do! One time the maintenance guy broke into my apartment and then left my door open and with a… Full Review ▶


When i moved i found this as a noisy community.the staff are friendly.but the apartments is too old.the maintenance was good but would not recommend this apartment.

Some of my stuff from patio was stolen within 10days after i moved in.i didnot… Full Review ▶


I had several problems with my apartment but every time I called the office with my problem, someone came and fixed it within an hour! Full Review ▶


They never fix anything. They aren't very friendly. They never do what they say they are going to do. Don't live here.

Full Review ▶


Make sure you receive your final bill. They claimed a final bill was sent but nothing was ever received. So they just charged it off, not a good thing for a person's credit. Not a very friendly office staff, very poorly… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


I enjoyed my stay at Willow Hill Apartments. I never had a problem with neighbors, noise, parking or maintenance. The two times that I needed a maintenance person to come in, they were there within an hour. The apartment was clean… Full Review ▶


Let me just tell you that the best thing that anyone could do would be to run dont walk away from this money pit!

I lived at NOT SO BEAUTIFUL Willow Hill in 1998 to 1999 in a 2 x… Full Review ▶


Yes, Willow Hill is overpriced, but you pay for the neighborhood. It is located in a very quiet and safe part of town. The apartments are clean, and extremely nice. I lived at Willow Hill for a year, and I am… Full Review ▶


Apartment was filthy upon move-in, staff dicourteous, yard workers peer into windows and leave HORDES of cigarette stubs in my yard. After a couple of months the complex increased rent. There is plaster sprayed into the de-humidifier in my bathroom (fire… Full Review ▶


At first, the complex looks nice and you get promised a lot. However, the apartments are way overpriced and can be pretty noisy... They are pretty old too. You will also have to sign a paper where you confirm that you… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1.5 $ 968
11 $ 619
11.5 $ 860
21 $ 1204
21.5 $ 948
22 $ 774
22.5 $ 1010
31.5 $ 1509
33 $ 1273


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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