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West Forty Apartments
4304 18th St # 15, Lubbock, TX 79416
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I have lived here for almost 2years and being a college student I really did want to have to move again. I had the biggest issues with the single pane windows sweating all the time! Thus created mold and made the inside window soft, when I complained to the managers it took them a year and a half before they fixed it. Their were so many issues when we moved in! The carpet was ripping away from the bathroom and I didn't notice it til 3 days after we moved in and the manager at the time said "don't worry about it ill put it on your apartment move in sheet." Well when the new manager came around I showed her and told her about the situation she implied that we did it and said we would have to pay for that when we move out. WTH!!! I wouldn't live here its not fit for the busy stressed out college student (AKA the normal college student). By the way it's hard to do your laundry when there is only 4 washers and driers for our whole apartment complex and the one across the street Bear Creek.

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