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Courtney Manor
9100 Independence Parkway, Plano, TX 75025
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Two weekends ago while enjoying the beautiful temps outside, we enjoyed a swim in the "heated" pool.

While meeting others this site came to my attention as there was a small group of folks who were bragging that they were ticked off at management because they paid rent late and were charged a late charge. They were telling everyone how they found out about this site and have had many friends and co-workers go on it to lie about this place.

I had to see it for myself. It's shame that this site is not controlled from this type of slander.

Well, I felt obligated to tell the truth and the truth is this is a great place. My wife and I will stay another year while we are looking for a new home. The staff has been nothing but kind and friendly. Our apartment is large, new and very nice. This place is the nicest in the area by far.

I hope that reader's will take into consideration what they read. I think it's terrible that anyone could be so well you know.

Have to agree with you about this being a great place. If those individuals hadn't paid their rent late there wouldn't be a problem. Not managments fault they didn't pay on time.

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