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Los Rios Park
4701 14th Street, Plano, TX 75074
1 User Response

I've lived at Los Rios for about 6 months now in their smallest apartment (The Oakmont, 650 sq. ft) and I'm reasonably pleased with it. When I first moved in, it was actually a little gross; it was like the previous tenants had dusted and vacuumed and moved out, and no one from the staff had stepped foot in to look at it. There were stains on the carpet and it smelled like cigarettes and had a problem with bugs... I even found a cockroach once!! But they came and cleaned my carpets when I asked, and the bug problem is under control now; I haven't seen any bugs for several months. The apartment itself is nothing special but it's nicer than other places I've seen. My biggest problem is with the parking, there just is NOT enough space. If I get home later than 8pm, I'm guaranteed to either get one of the last crappy parking spaces, or have to choose between parking under one of the MANY empty covered parking spaces you have to pay extra for or walking wayyyy across the sketchy parking lot. No fair.
But I haven't had any problems since the bugs and the carpet, the staff has been mostly helpful and friendly; the fitness and laundry facilities are, like the apartment, not special but definitely functional. The neighbors are generally quiet (I actually don't even see my neighbors very often) and friendly. I've seen raccoons but only twice, when I first moved in. Overall, if you don't need frills and just want a generally safe and pleasant place to live, this place is worth a look.
Oh, one other thing, the area smells terrible at night. Just a heads up.

You must obviously work for this place to give a positive response as noone in their right mind can give a positive review....

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