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Miramonte Apartments
929 Saint Paul Dr, Richardson, TX 75080
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We got a letter from the office shortly after moving in to make sure not to leave personal belongings in our car because there have been several break-ins. The parking lot lights are only on at night half the time. We have had numerous problems with our garbage disposal backing up and smelling up the place. The maintence people that they call in because of needing help will park in your assigned parking spot. There are two pools but you can only use them during the summer when they decide to open them. Our A/C unit is old so our electricity bill is high and there is almost no lining around the front door to keep the air from leaking out. The pet deposit is $400 and the keep $100. The stairs outside make noises and have been patch a lot. Our carpet is in need of being replaced. Two of the three bedrooms are always hot because they do not get enough air from the vents. The apartments are a great size for the money you pay, but the quality is far from good. The office staff was nice to us, I just don't think they get the support they need to help us from the owners.

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