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Prairie Creek Villas
3560 Alma Road, Richardson, TX 75080
1 User Response

1. The community is noisy (at least in the parts that are close to I75 the railroad or George Bush.

2. The maintenance people are doing a very bad job, they are cutting corners, painting on surface without cleaning them, using broken parts.... I called them many time more than once for the same problem.

3. The community has an agreement with Grande. so if you want to take advantage of the 25$ a month offer of Dish Network.... You can. you can have the same for 65$.

4. Recycling is only for selected products. So if you like recycling, take it elsewhere. on the same note, the apartments are very poorly insulated, so expect to pay between 70-200$ more a month on electricity.

5. Safety, they have been lots of cases of burglary.

6. Finally, if you do reach an agreement before signing, get it in writing. The tend to "forget".

1. My apartment is extremely quiet 2. The maintenance are great....they don't really even do the painting, that's what painters are for!!! 3. Well quit being cheap and get DirecTV they are the bomb!!! You get what you pay for. 4. Recycling is very expensive how about you call around & ask about how much the recycling bins cost...you'd be surprised!!! I live in the largest one bedroom facing the sun and my electric bill has never been over $120...now that's good!!! Put up some curtains, windows aren't meant to insulate an apartment. 5. Burglary issues since when?! Pull the police reports and see for yourself. and i'm pretty sure the ONLY incident that happened the apartments were nice enough to inform us of it. Most apartments don't tell you, b/c they aren't required. 6. Get everything in writing always...it clearly states in your lease contract that verbal agreements mean nothing. Everything must be a written request...even for a service request. But they are nice to let you call those in...otherwise you would have to take off work and come in their office. Move somewhere else and see how you get treated, this must be your first apartment or you aren't American. You will never find an apartment community this GOOD. I swear on my life. Get your facts straight b/c you don't anything you're talking about. Move out already if you don't like it here....they are full of people here!!! We don't need downers like you ruining a GREAT reputation b/c you had a BAD day and your life sucks :)

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