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This place is a rat hole! I have had so many problems with this place....there are ants everywhere, wasps all over the place outside, I have sent many requests to have my lock fixed on my sliding door and it still opens all the time, my AC has gone out twice within a month and not been fixed for at least 2 days on both occasions and it has been over 100 degrees both times!!! My boyfriend also lived here for a year and a few months and had to send OVER 20 requests for his AC to be fixed, on his last day there (AC STILL NOT FIXED) while moving out it got so hot in there that he almost passed out, when I was telling the staff this all they could say was "oh, its still not fixed". The noise is horrible as well, I can hear everything that goes on outside and at my neighbors. This has gotten just horrible, I have never had this many problems at an apartment before. Please save yourself and go somewhere else!

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