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Babcock North Apartments
11800 Spring Shadow Street, San Antonio, TX 78249
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My daughter lived in a duplex for a one year lease. It was roach infested even though they said they did pest control before she moved in with her two babies. She couldnt let the babies sleep in the 2nd bedroom because it didnt have an air conditioning unit. It was too hot for them during Summer. In the hot summer months she also had swarms of ants coming into the house through the front door. We sprayed and sprayed but we couldnt ever get rid of the ants. She didnt have very many maintenance issues but when she did we were told she had to make an appointment for someone to come out. The Manager was always very nice to us whenever we had an issue but the guy who sat at the front desk was always rude and looked down his nose at us so we tried to never talk to him or ask him for anything. Did hear about the crime but never saw it.

i have to ask why didnt you just use bombing the plc it gets rid of the bugs better than spray ( not bombs that explodes like 4 war but u probably know what i mean )

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