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13400 Blanco Road, San Antonio, TX 78216
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Between the Management and Vehicle damage/theft, you do not want to live here!! The current management is rude and not helpful at all. I have lived there for over 4 years and since the management has changed about a year ago the property has really suffered. They have lowered the standards of who they lease to, therefore the community is not nearly as nice! When it was time to renew my lease they would not do a short term lease unless I paid $1000 a month, yeah right!! So I was forced to sign a 6 month lease. They were offering a 2 month free special but she was going to make me move apartments to get the special. Talking with other residents, come to find out she offered the same special to them without having to move apartments. So I guess they choose who they give the specials to. So much for Fair Housing!!

During the last year there has also been a big jump in vehicle break ins and theft. My vehicle was stolen 2 weeks ago and had been broken into a few times also. Management says that there is a "Courtesy Officer" but I have yet to see him/her and no one patrols the property. I have talked to other residents on the property and my car is not the only one for sure!!

There is also a big ant problem! I have them come all the time to spray and they keep coming back, I think they have a colony in my building that management won't take care of!

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