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Oakhampton Place Apartments

1983 Oakwell Farms Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78218
% Recommended
City Average

Best apartments I have lived in in San Antonio, I have been here going on three years. The staff is wonderful and they know you by name, they even know my dogs' names. The maintence men are also fabulous, they are… Full Review ▶


We lived here for two years. Very nice, quiet complex. If you don't pay extra for covered parking, then you're going to have issues finding a spot late at night or on the weekends. Our car got broken into twice while… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for almost 2 years and have changed apartments a couple of times with our any problems or hassle. The office staff had been very pleasant to work with. The apartments are always in great condition and overall the… Full Review ▶


I lived at Oakhampton place for around one and a half year. Everything was fine but below issues. 1. Parking late evening is a headache 2. Office people are rude 3. You have to ask for repair couple times. If it… Full Review ▶


I loved this place. The apartments alone are very nice and comfortable. They are very clean and well taken care of. The maintenance guys re awesome. If something needed fixed or you needed help hanging a picture they would be there… Full Review ▶


small little issues but great place to live. Full Review ▶


Oakhampton is great! It's in a GREAT location close to shopping, expressways and airport. We lived there for almost two years and can't recall any bad experiences - the office staff was always helpful and friendly. If we needed anything, the… Full Review ▶


Maintenance guys are great. Our apartments are beautiful, neighbors are super friendly. Office staff very lazy. You have to go to the office every day ask them to get something done before they do it. Every time you need something they… Full Review ▶


Great place to live! Landscaping is nice and trees give shade nicely. Price is good, too. Office and maintenance staff are friendly and helpful. Full Review ▶


PRO:Love the enviorment and everyone keeps to themselfs, the apartments are very nice kitchen is a little small but everything else is great! very nice pool area, always see ducks and ducklings around (cute) friendly people. CON:First two months we moved… Full Review ▶


Very nice place to call home. spacious layout of the apartment. Parking is good. Maintainance is good. you can enjoy the privacy of your own apartment. no-one bothers you. Full Review ▶


We LOVED living at Oakhampton Place! It was an amazing complex! We felt safe and like part of the family with the staff! The grounds are beautiful and always maintained, we never had any issues with parking or noise. It's a… Full Review ▶


The facilities in this apartment complex are not impressive, they are average. The staff is rude and not courteous. The property manager Ashley is worst of all and the front desk staff Crystal is also rude and superficial. It's ok if… Full Review ▶


I lived this oakhamptom place apartment for my military training. It was not that bad place until I moved out. When I moved out, they charged me over $500 for carpet replacement. I did not agree with that. So I emailed… Full Review ▶


What attracted me to these apartments were the gated, well landscaped grounds, proximity to work and the reasonable prices. The units themselves are spacious, and while dated are in relative good working order. The maintenance staff are courteous and prompt when… Full Review ▶


The first thing you notice about this place is that it's gated and the gate is always shut. Some apartments I've seen that have gates keep them open during business hours, but not this place. It's got two pools, both of… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Oak Hampton two different times now and would highly recommend to anyone. The office staff is very friendly and accomadating. The floorplans are huge and the prices are great. Definately a place worth calling home! Full Review ▶


A few months ago i was looking at apartments and I came across Oakhampton Place and it has been a great experience ever since I moved here. The move in went very smooth and my apartment was very clean and nice… Full Review ▶


This complex is a great place to live. Very dog friendly. Grounds are beautiful with lots of large trees. Three pools open all year. A walking trail connects to the back side of complex. Apartments are huge with plenty of closet… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

Although the property itself is nice and reasonably priced, the staff is petty, ruthless and dishonest. My girlfriend lived here for eight months before I proposed, obviously I spent a lot of time there because of this. Even though I had… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Oakhampton Place Apartments a year now. I have found the staff very friendly and responsive. The apartments are quiet, well maintained, and the grounds are nice. Full Review ▶


i would recommend oakhampton to anyone. i really enjoyed living there. for the rent u got alot of living space. i had 2 pets and didn't have any problems with having them there. maintenance was allways quick to fix any problem… Full Review ▶


I have been living here almost a year and I can say I enjoy living here very much. They recently got a new mgmt company and it seems they are taking more interest in the residents..(resident partys,fast maint. service and very… Full Review ▶


Yes it is in the lease but who knows if they are going to move in 60 days. And the rent goes up when it is time to renew. This place really need to revise that 60 day thing because it… Full Review ▶


I moved here in Dec of 2007, hoping I would find a great new home while being stationed here. When I first came in, everyone was really friendly and happy. After a while, the new car shine wore off and I… Full Review ▶


It all seemed nice and friendly the day we moved in, moving from Michigan we found them online. (wish we had kept looking) The apartment itself is ok, but the general attitude of the staff especially the manager was beyond difficult.… Full Review ▶


I moved here last year to attend PA school at Fort Sam...(graduating in 6 weeks baby!) It's a great location, a 4 mile straight shot to the base, if you're brave you can try biking, but there are a few blind… Full Review ▶


I moved in on the 4th of April. I had some of the people I was going to be working with check it out for me and did everything by email and regular mail. Parking - im in the back corner… Full Review ▶


This apartment started out amazing!!!! Everyone was so friendly when I was moving in, they were able to get me into the apartment the same day that I signed the paperwork. I guess someone this eager to get a new tenant… Full Review ▶


I want to start off by saying I like this apartment. The apt is nice (not the nicest I have lived in but it certainly has the best quality to price ratio out there) and so is the neighborhood. They fix… Full Review ▶


i lived here for about 6 months and never had a problem. when i called maintenance they were always prompt. the office staff couldnt have been more friendly...but i guess when you pay rent on time and ppl dont complain about… Full Review ▶


Although the surrounding neighborhood is beginning to deteriorate, this apartment complex has continually been a great place to live. The staff and management is great. They always respond to repair requests quickly, usually on the same day. The place is being… Full Review ▶


...away from this place! They advertise as "Prestigious" and "Luxurious" when in fact the place is rotted and dilapidated. There are large rotten holes in the side of buildings allowing all forms of rodents and pests inside. Balconeys and railings are… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Oakhampton Place for 6 years and recently read the reviews. I see why people leave critical notes not signed --they are exaggerating the truth simply because they wanted to cause undue harm to this place. I rent… Full Review ▶


A have had the worst experience at this infested, so called high class, apartment complex. First off I had no idea why my light bill is through the roof because my ac dosent even feel like its on half the time.… Full Review ▶


From the time I first looked into these apartments until the time I moved out it was the worst apartment experiance I ever had. Being in the military I move around quite a bit and rarely stay more than a year… Full Review ▶


the manager at oakhampton place needs to move on all she does is walk around
with a cigarette in her hand and letting the place fall apart. at her age 70
she needs to fine move on its time for a new face.… Full Review ▶


It's a good complex for the money. Ya'll negative posters are just a bunch of whiners! Full Review ▶


Multiple problems that are all related to the management. I agree with other comments but different management could probably fix the problems. not a good place. Full Review ▶


Staff attitude does make the difference. This place has gone down hill over the past few years. Airconditioning, heating, water pipes, etc, always broken or not working correctly. Staff do not make resident concerns a priority. My car was broken into… Full Review ▶


My realtor hinted to me to look elsewhere but I picked this apartment anyway. Now I am scrambling to find an apartment that isn't in such a poor condition. Now, I have lived in slums before, but that's because that was… Full Review ▶


The manager does not put money back into the apartment so what you pay for is not what you get. If you walk around the buildings you will see cracking foundations, rotting balconies, and very old paint. The individual apartments may… Full Review ▶


Don't be fooled!!!! It's a nice looking place but....criminals love to come here because they know the manager doesn't care about your property or safety!!! The safety gate is never closed and the manager will have your car towed at her… Full Review ▶


I have been living here for a year now and it has been great. The staff has always been very friendly and helpful. The apartments are very nice. The only thing I don't like is the fireplaces. Why do we need… Full Review ▶


These apartments are a great find! For what you pay you get tons of space and a great community. I've lived here for a year and have never had a bad experience. The maintenance staff is prompt and gets things done… Full Review ▶


Finally, a nice place to call home. Full Review ▶


I've been here three months and I can see that I was clearly misled in the "luxuries" of the complex. The apartments are very spacious and you do have extra room but you can definitely tell these are older apartments. My… Full Review ▶


I would say it is ok for the money, however my neighbor is paying $40 less then I am for the same apartment. The apartments are older and need updates. We have had issues with noise from stereos and parties, having… Full Review ▶


We enjoyed our stay at Oak Hampton place. The location was better than most SA apartments. The apartment was older though and smelled moldy. We had squirrels living in our attic and no matter how many work orders we put in,… Full Review ▶


The location is a plus because it is off a the main road. But this is definitely not luxury living as they advertise it to be. All my appliances are so outdated. The linoleum in the kitchen only covers up to… Full Review ▶


Oakhampton Place is super convienient to 410 and the airport, which fit our needs perfectly. The apartments themselves are roomy (a lot of space for your dollar) and pretty well maintained, and the huge balconys are great! There are a few… Full Review ▶


I´ve been in and out of apartment communities for many years, and have discovered that Oakhampton Place has been the best place I´ve lived at. When I first moved in, neighbors introduced themselves to me and even asked if I needed… Full Review ▶


I have been impressed with the caring staff and the property maintenance. The location of Oakwell Farms is ideal for getting to any part of SA with ease and yet it´s quiet. Apartments are spacious with wonderful
walkin closets.I have really… Full Review ▶


Oakhampton Place is a nice and quiet place to live in a central location very close to Loop 410. The grounds are attractive and generally well-kept. For the price, Oakhampton offers more floor-space than many other San Antonio apartment complexes in… Full Review ▶


I really enjoyed my time at Oakhampton. The location is great - very central in San Antonio and easy access to downtown. I never thought I´d enjoy living inside Loop 410, but I did. The only bad thing about the location… Full Review ▶


This is a nice apartment complex for single people as well as families. It´s quiet, with plenty of trees and well-maintained landscaping (lots of birds and squirrels). There are three pools (one of them a kiddie pool) and access to a… Full Review ▶

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  • Some Breeds Restricted

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