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Richland (formerly Richland Trace Apartments)

7791 Woodchase, San Antonio, TX 78240
% Recommended
City Average

DO NOT RENT!!!!!!!! While the grounds appear nice, the total leasing experience is anything but! They boast such things as "gated" and "pool with jacuzzi" and "fitness room", however nothing ever works and the management staff does not care. The pool… Full Review ▶


Very poor property management. Management makes you feel like you are wasting their time. When I first moved in i was told my rent would be $724, not until after my lease was signed was I told that there would be… Full Review ▶


I have only lived in these apartments for 4.5 months and I cannot wait to get OUT! We originally picked these apartments because of the safety (gated complex) and proximity to my husband's work. While the location is nice, that is… Full Review ▶


I've lived at The Richland for a year and a half. I absolutely hate it! I would not have signed a second lease if it were not for my daughter being a Senior at John Marshall High School so, I wanted… Full Review ▶


I just moved here in November and I already hate the management. Their apartments look nice to the naked eye but when you actually move in you notice all the structural problems. In addition their water heaters suck and I always… Full Review ▶


I am taking the time to post a review about these apartments because the Richland Apartments are genuinely BAD. I have never posted a review about anything, but I genuinely feel that people who are considering moving here, need to make… Full Review ▶


Don t bother. There are just as nice, and nicer, apts where you will hopefully be treated better. They treat their tenants like garbage. They are dishonest and disrespectful, and unprofessional. It s not worth it. I m glad to be… Full Review ▶


I moved into The Richland a year ago, and just signed another six month lease with them. I have been very satisfyied with any maintenance issue that I have had they have always responded quick and fixed it right the first… Full Review ▶


Terrible. Pathetic. The office that "cares about their tenants" cares nothing more than to make a quick dollar. I've lived in three different apartments/houses, different leases, and on my record I have never had a delinquent charge, fee, or other nonsense… Full Review ▶


I moved into The Richland a few months ago, and within a few weeks my AC had stopped working. The morning after it broke, I called from work to let the maintenance staff know and by the time I was home… Full Review ▶


So I've been at the Richalands since Aug 2009. When I first saw the model home for th 1B-1B I knew it was a kepper! Love the accent walls, club house, pool, hot tub! Just amazing for my FIRST apartment. What… Full Review ▶


It has come to my attention, that present and past residents are writing bad reviews and saying not so nice things about management and maintenance. We've been here 5yrs. and will possible be here longer, and we have never had anything… Full Review ▶


I have now been here several months with a consistent ant problem that is only getting worse. The pest control guy who comes weekly (a service the tenants pay for) told me that the guy who is supposed to be spraying… Full Review ▶


This complex was great until the new management took over. They never answer the phone or seem to take any responsibility on anything- saying they are short staffed. Easier to fix the problems yourself than to get them involved and they… Full Review ▶


For the price, these apartments are great. It's really quiet around here. I've been living her since July 2009. I have no MAJOR complaints. The only thing I have to complain about is that the painting when I moved in was… Full Review ▶


I have complained five times to management regarding my upstairs neighbor and his two, constantly barking dogs. Management, obviously, has done NOTHING. His dogs are constantly outside on the balcony, one is the size of a small horse, it exceeds the… Full Review ▶


The staff is condescending and constantly smoke outside of the complex.The carpets are absolutely disgusting, mine was not even cleaned prior to move in, there was fire damage above my fireplace, my AC leaked for two months straight in the summer… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for almost one year and believe it's not worth the money. We have ants and constantly amenities keep breaking. Maintenance is the slowest I've ever worked with since living in four apt complexes. No one ever cleans up… Full Review ▶


We have lived here for awhile and this is a great complex. It is smaller, only two floors on the buildings. Reasonable rent. Many of the units don't have all the updates you might see in the model-- our appliances were… Full Review ▶


I just moved into the Richland last week and OMG!! My apartment is GORGEOUS! The property is offering enhanced units, I have marbled style counter tops, red and chocolate walls, beautiful double textured cabinets....I am so in love with my new… Full Review ▶


Would not recommend these Apartments, Prices way too high for the quality of apartment. The apartments are poorly maintained, and for the money can get a much nicer place. Office Manager very nice, but staff changes not so good. The Security… Full Review ▶


We are extremely disaticifed with the treatment from the staff and the price that charge. We will never recommend them to anybody. Full Review ▶


I knew as soon as I first looked at a unit here that I would move in; it was the only complex I saw with signs of life (birds, lizards, kids running around, etc.) and staff members that actually seem to… Full Review ▶


welllll, i've lived here only a few months and though it's not extraordinary, i consider it a pretty decent place to live for the price and location. pros: mostly quiet environment; newly renovated office and clubhouse/social room; location - though traffic… Full Review ▶


I gladly paid to get out of this lease! If you live on the second floor, you have access to all the other units on your floor through attic doors in the closets! When this was brought to the attention of… Full Review ▶


i moved out in february... &&i miss that apartment sooo much! i had a great experience there. it was perfect for my budget, and was beyond decent. compared to where i live now, richland trace had more of a home vibe.… Full Review ▶


I've lived here at Richland Trace now for about 7 months. I really like my apartment its very spacious. I've never had a problem with noise, and im on the first floor. I also really like the office staff, Debra and… Full Review ▶


I have lived there for about 9 months and it really dose suck. The current management and staff are so rude. They add charges to your bills that were from the beganning of your lease term then turn around and act… Full Review ▶


I have read the comments below and I have to agree, poor management was in place, BUT the office staff has changed and the girls in the office are doing a great job.

The service guys are much better to... if… Full Review ▶


I currently live here and i can't wait to get out......i have never seen a place so poorly run.......of course the management changes about every 3 or 4 months but i have seen them come and go and they are always… Full Review ▶


DO NOT RENT HERE. I can't say this enought times...DO NOT RENT HERE! I am a former tenant that has been royally screwed on move-out charges by the extremely unprofessional "management" at Richland Trace Apts. Attempts to work things out with… Full Review ▶


This is a great place to live. It is quiet and has beautiful landscaping. I am very pleased Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


I recently moved from Richland disgrace. The pool is closed more than it s open, the business center rarely has anything that works, and the fitness facility is in disrepair. To be fair, if all you do is live there and… Full Review ▶


i love this place. I've only been here a few months, but it feels more like home than the other places I lived at. My only complaint is that the tubs are too small, so I can't luxuriate like I used… Full Review ▶


With the exception of a few noisy neighbors, the apartments are fairly quiet and the pool area is kept decently clean. Parking is a total nightmare if you get home after 9:00. The maintenance people have a problem with coming and… Full Review ▶


I loved living there. It was quiet and peaceful and the management knows you by name and is actually concerned about your well-being. They fix everything VERY promptly, the pool and jacuzzi is always clean and they have resident parties and… Full Review ▶

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