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Arbor Place Apartments
323 Chimney Rock Dr, Tyler, TX 75703
3 User Responses

This is one of the worst places I have ever lived. Let's begin with the apartment itself, if you look just right out of the sliding doors, you can see outside, the shower vent in the bathroom is a direct link to the out doors, the insulation is crap, having an electric bill thats over 200 is not acceptable, trust me, I unplug every thing, AC is set on like 85 and still the electric is through the roof. The manager is one of the worst people I have ever worked with, she neither wants to work with you or for you. Ludy Toothman is a b****, enough said. The other ladies in the office are formal and cordial but I've been lied to and that does not fly. Quite frankly I would rather live on the streets than in these apartments. Oh, if you ever ask Maintenance for any thing, they will take care of it, in time, and I promise that the guy will smoke an entire pack and then cuss the whole time. if you are not a partier, then some of the weekends will drive you mad. There ya have it, i would not recommend this apartment for any reason.

I'll mention my name, Garett Francis. And yes, Ludy Toothman is the worst manager I have ever experienced in any business I have ever been involved in. If being two-faced and completely unprofessional is how you prefer your managers to be, then you have come to the correct establishment. I work in customer service and marketing so I deal with customers all day and know how to be a serviceable tenant. The managers at The Arbors are the worst I have ever experienced in any profession and maybe one day The Arbors Corporate Office will decide to run a legitimate business and hire someone that can actually be serviceable. The Arbors are terrible, management is worse.
For your information...Ludy Toothman has managed this property ever since the day i moved in. She is one of the nicest people i have ever met and has done an exceptional job on this property. I would recommend this apartment complex to anyone. My electric bill this past month was $290.00 and i keep my ac set on 86 degrees" ALL" the time...and $200 in the middle of August in Tyler TX is NOT unreasonable!....I hope whomever you are that God lay peace on your heart....It says in the bible to love thy neighbor as thyself and i wish you much love and peace in life. I hope that you also remember what comes around in life will ALWAYS go back around so be careful what you say and how it would feel to have your name smeared on a platform cause one day sweetie it may "YOU"
I just read this posting and feel compelled to respond. It's quite revealing that you are more than willing to post your apartment manager's full name out there, yet you remain anonymous! I am an apartment manager and have been an associate of Ludy Toothman for over 30 years. She is VERY respected by both her peers and her residents. She has managed properties all over East Texas and Dallas and has served on the board of the Tyler Apartment Association as both a board member and president. The person who posted this sounds very immature and I would like to say to you - I'm sure as you gain more work experience, you will find someone as yourself, a customer who can't be pleased and they will be more than willing to try and discredit YOUR "good " name and personally attack your character.

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