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The Grove

2826 South University Parks Drive, Waco, TX 76706
% Recommended
City Average

I cannot begin to say do not move here. The grounds are constantly dirty, the trash is always piled up outside the trash compactor because people are lazy! There is dog ---- everywhere very few people actually pick up after there… Full Review ▶


where to begin....this place is horrible. If you like sleeping at night, please, don't move here. Loud noises nightly! I have called the cops, talk to the individuals and front office, and no changes have been made. You will not be… Full Review ▶


I have been living at the Grove for about six months, but my roommate has been here for almost 2 years...and we can not wait until our lease is up. The complex does have some nice amenities, but that in no… Full Review ▶


I've recently renewed my lease at the Grove. It's my first apartment and I don't have any complaints. The staff is really friendly and every time something needs fixing, maintenance has gotten to it within a day or two. It's great… Full Review ▶


I am writing to inform you that your attention to details and maintenance at my apartment complex has been unsatisfactory. The front gates to the Waco location have been broken ever since I have moved in, which had causes concern for… Full Review ▶


The management is great and efficient! I had to set up my arrival to The Grove without ever visiting the place, and everything worked out great and matched up with what I saw on the website. If you have a maintainence… Full Review ▶


Management: The management at the Grove leaves a lot to be desired. From the way they use their social media accounts, to what you hear being talked about inside the main clubhouse by employees and management it is disgusting. They commonly… Full Review ▶


I've been living at The Grove for two years now and I personally love it! It's everything I expected in an off campus college living apartment complex. The pool is really nice and the clubhouse has a great place to study!… Full Review ▶


I thought having my own apartment would be awesome. Too bad I leased at The Grove. Firstly: Roommate matching is absolute crap. I have gotten three sets of absolutely horrible roommates. On my application when I first moved in, I said… Full Review ▶


washer broke, dishwasher broke, AC dosent work and rooms are hot as hell. good luck getting maintenance our to your room. management sucks its just a group of young potheads. run, run away and live somewhere else. Full Review ▶


You could do better. A lot better. I had problems with these apartments from the start. Staff is fired left and right due to complaints by residents. My leaser told me things that turned out to be completely untrue and woul… Full Review ▶


The Grove is revamped and better than ever. I have lived here for a couple years and have loved it. There is no doubt that there was a learning period at the complex, but it seems that everything in running smoothly… Full Review ▶


I used to live in Building 6 at The Grove and I found out that a friend of mine that lives on the first floor of Building 6 had Grove employees enter his apartment to do a "filter check", but were… Full Review ▶


This place is not what it seems. The management is terrible and has no problem screwing over residents just to make a dollar. The model seems to nice and comfy, but in reality the apartments are disgusting, infested with spiders and… Full Review ▶


To start NO ONE picks up after their pet. There is ---- EVERYWHERE outside, the 10 feet from the stairs to the parking lot will almost always result and poop on your shoes. Upon moving in the door fell off the… Full Review ▶


This place seemed like a good idea when I first checked it out. The concept and idea of the place attracted me. They had good amenities, individual rent, not very crowded, and it was furnished. It has been two years now… Full Review ▶


I have a list of things to say about this place. The buildings used to be OK, but ever since they hired an idiot by the name of Derrick this place has gone downhill. He is the most obnoxious human being… Full Review ▶


The Grove is a great place to live. I have had no problems since I moved here in August of 2008. I have been here for two years now. The management has changed and the overall experience is great! The amenities… Full Review ▶


The Grove is really fun...everybody knows everybody and the staff is really awesome! On the weekends they usually throw Pool Parties for the residents! Always pretty packed..and they always give out free stuff!The DJ is really good too! One thing i… Full Review ▶


Where to start with all the things that are wrong about this place... The amenities are nice, but overall this place is pricey. The cable is nice, shotime included. The internet is... fair. A little slow, and the provider isn't that… Full Review ▶


THEY HAVE A NEW MANAGER,NAMED DERRICK,AND HE IS INCOMPETANT!! Someone forgot to inform him that he is just an apartment manager and not GOD!! He does not care at all about the tenants, his employees, or anyone except for himself!! HE… Full Review ▶


The people at the front deck are friendly but have no information. This is not their fault though they are just students also. The main problem lies with the management. I lived here the first year and had no cable for… Full Review ▶


I really can't complain about anything MAJOR except for the assistant manager who was fired but replaced with another useless person. Besides that, employees are really friendly and fellow students/neighbors. Rent is all inclusive, Ive never paid anything for electricity and… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 681
11 $ 820
22 $ 1150
33 $ 604


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

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