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Village Green Apartments
4372 Lake Shore Dr, Waco, TX 76710
2 User Responses

run! run as fast as you can......i have lived in apartments my whole life, but this is definately the most piss poor, place i have ever seen.
you will notice that the apartment off door is always open.....thats so the staff can smoke pot all day......the mgr mona fitch is a two-faced drug dealer who will rent to anyone.....no background check at all......so every month you have a different class of filth moving in.....i'm talking ghetto trash, -------- who speak no english what-so-ever, people who put their dogs in the swimming pool with them, etc......and nothing is ever done about it.......
your apartment is 99% guaranteed to not be ready on your move-in day......maintenence is a joke.....bugs everywhere.....rats, not mice, are in just about every apt......
from the outside, they look great.....the model they show is beautiful......but what you get is a headache......

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You are so right about Mona. It was not bad enough my neighbors would sell drugs out of their apartment, but it was her son doing the selling. Her son used to stand in front of my apt and sell drugs out in the open in the parking lot. Don't know how he never got caught. I had to call the police at least twice a week for the parties, drug dealing, fighting and just general noise. Of course management did nothing about it. Mona told me point blank that she would do nothing about them b/c one of their parents paid the rent and that was garaunteed money every month. Mona used to live across from me until her son was arrested for breaking into tenants cars and homes, then she moved to the other side of the complex. As for maintenance... what maintenance? Never could get anyone to fix anything. The worst had to be the overflowing sewer. NASTY!!! I would say I can't believe they have not fixed that in the 3 years since I lived there, but unfortunantly I do. My suggestion RUN, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention in my original post that my apartment was also not ready when we moved in.

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