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Green Oak Apartments
695 Pineloch Dr, Webster, TX 77598
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1) They will ALWAYS raise your rent every year by a LOT.
2) I had an AC Freon leak and rather that repair it they just kept refilling Freon. This cost me a lot in AC electric bills.
3) They charged me $350 for pets that was a family member s that I was only sitting for 8 days.
4) Not on first year, as a new move in, but to renew your lease you HAVE to get a $150k insurance policy for damage to the building in case of a fire or flood. This coverage does NOT include your personal items ONLY the building.
5) The manager lady is very rude and b**chy. The front assistant ladies are nice.
6) Trash always overflows every week. If it rains heavy the trash that couldn t fit in canister floats all over the parking lot. It is disgusting.
7) If you have a broken mini blind they repair it without your consent and charge you $50-$150 for it (depending on size). The mini blinds are VERY cheap and break easily. Better not get multiple broken.

Last Updated: 01/20/11

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