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Carriage Cove Apartments

606 W 1720 N, Provo, UT 84604
% Recommended
City Average

They seemed to be an excellent complex to go with when i was looking for a place. (They were great salesman.) The rent is cheaper than most places is why i decided on this place. Now the reason as to why… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

The biggest con and reason I don't support carriage cove is because their fees are dishonest and very steep. They take almost all of your deposit for"cleaning fees" that don't even happen. I moved in and the carpet was dirty, yet… Full Review ▶


In case you are wondering about moving to carriage cove, here is a pro/con list to consider Pros: -really big private rooms -lots of storage space -social pool/ hot tub Cons: -management SUCKS. They are rude, gossip, disrespectful, and don't help… Full Review ▶


Carriage Cove Apartments have been great for what I've needed, especially after my mission. The community is, for the most part, down to earth and chill. Church attendance is definitely higher than the "village" that's certain. The apartments themselves are old,… Full Review ▶


AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Please hear me out you will unknowingly thank me later. This is a terrible place to live. The management (particularly the student management) were extremely disrespectful, unhelpful, and utterly useless when it came to repairs but in… Full Review ▶


Carriage Cove is great!!! I loved living there! Management, the facility, the bedrooms, everything was AMAZING! I'd move back in a heartbeat if I wasn't married! It's close to everything and I've had such great memories come from there. TOTALLY recommend… Full Review ▶


I love living at carriage cove! Management is upfront about the costs, and doesn't hit you with extra fees. The rooms are huge, the biggest I've ever seen in Provo, and for what you get the rent is very low. Things… Full Review ▶


It's not a thing of beauty but with cheap rent, big rooms, your own vanity and lots of storage...what's to complain about? Our apartment's on the bottom floor and doesn't have the best heating and insulation and not having laundry in… Full Review ▶


The owners/management are crooks. They steal money from you by failing your cleaning checks and any other way they can. I sold my contract to someone and my refund for my $200 dollar deposit and my $277 for last months rent… Full Review ▶


The apartments are larger than those in other complexes. The bedrooms are large except for number 2 (which is still bigger than those at places like Branbury). In bedrooms 1 and 2, the rooms get hot throughout the year due to… Full Review ▶


It makes me sad to see the negative reviews. This has been my favorite place I have ever lived. The apartments are nice for the price (I pay 277 for a year round contract), and the ward is SUPER fun and… Full Review ▶


I hand no intention of writing a review but after seeing all the negative reviews I felt the need to share my input. I am a BYU student that has lived here for the last 3 years and I have loved… Full Review ▶


First off, Carriage Cove management lost the master key to the complex and did not rekey the buildings or tell the tenants for 18 months (they STILL have not admitted their fault to all tenants or rekeyed the buildings). They are… Full Review ▶


It's more expensive than they want you to think. The rent is around $250 a month, but then you add on the internet fee 22, and it's $272 a month. Then you have to pay for parking, which is $20 a… Full Review ▶


I will put my review as a list of pros and cons. Cons: Apartments are NOISY. Almost everyone has had a problem with neighbors' noise while living there. Not all have complained to the office. CLEANING CHECKS: If you don't believe… Full Review ▶


A lot of people have said that Donetta is a horrible person and the rest of management is just lame. Well, I've got news for those people: Donetta probably isn't the only person that doesn't like you. NOBODY likes you. Some… Full Review ▶


Be aware that the "Rent" they charge isn't even close to what you will end up paying on payday. They charge extra for parking, communications, and consider failed clean checks an expense as you will pay even if you try to… Full Review ▶


management takes your money for clean checks even when you clean... a buddy of mine got charged for the celling! IT'S WHITE! They will nickle and dime you! if your car is in parking pass 10 they will towe it they… Full Review ▶


Carriage Cove worked for me. Sharing an apartment with only 3 other roommates, sharing a bath with only 1 person, and having a private room & vanity was great {I was in bedroom #1, third floor}. Large clubhouse was great for… Full Review ▶


Okay, If you have any value of customer service, or if the possibility of bad room mates is in your future, do NOT rent at carriage cove. The management will do the best to ignore problems or try to have you… Full Review ▶


The place is a very nice place to live, or would be if you could get rid of the management. They are some of the most underhanded people you have ever met. Do NOT deal with them, just live some place… Full Review ▶


I lived at carriage cove for two years, and I loved it. The people are awesome, the set-up makes it easy to be social, the clubhouse is great. The pool is fun and well kept, the clubhouse has a small work-out… Full Review ▶


I would say as far as the facilities go the apartment is very nice. I liked the rooms, the clubhouse is a big plus. As the other reveiws say there is not a whole lot of adherance to BYu honor code.… Full Review ▶


I lived at Carriage Cove over the summer. The rooms are very spacious (except #2), and there is plenty of storage. A few of the negatives are cleaning checks which are impossible to pass, and a pool with bikinis. Full Review ▶


This place is not worth the headache of living here. The management is your typical shady business man. There are a lot of things in the contract itself that are not specified but enforced. There are threats of people taking the… Full Review ▶


The apartments were in OK condition. Our water heater burst, the dishwasher overflowed, and the toilet kept breaking.(In a four month period) But the biggest problem was the management... they failed everyone on cleaning checks for the most insignificant reasons. (E.g.… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 314
11 $ 271
41 $ 453
42 $ 349


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