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Centennial Apartments
380 North 1020 East, Provo, UT 84606
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In the year I've lived here, Hell itself has downgraded. Don't be fooled by previous positive reviews - they're looking for any possible opportunity to stick it to their tenants.
For one thing, there's the noise issue - even moderate laughter can be heard easily through the walls. The air conditioning outside my bedroom wall is so loud that I can't hear the telephone when I talk in my bedroom (which I have to, since I have a roommate who sacks out on the couch all day). Maintenance is nonexistent, which is, you know, great when the buildings are at least 30 years old and completely dilapidated. I just got charged $35-$70 on a technicality that I could have fixed had the cleaning check person come in during the agreed-upon hours. (There was some streaking inside the oven. For that alone, they have to bring in a cleaning crew. I'm not making this up.)
I can't believe I bought a year round contract. I can't believe I'm stuck here until I graduate. Every time I get home, I feel sick inside. I hate this place, and it's only getting worse all the time.

Last Updated: 07/23/11

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