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Worst place to live in the valley. I lived there for 2 years and had a meth cook for a neighbor. How do I know? SWAT and Hazmat came and broke down their door! Pulled a meth lab right out of their apartment. I had told management for 4-5 months that they were drug dealers (had customers literally, LITERALLY, lined up outside their door, random people sleeping on my bench outside my window)at all hours of the day/night. I begged to be able to break my lease or move into another apartment because of this. They didn't give me any options. The meth cook even installed a security camera outside their door. They did not even clean the apartment properly after they had been kicked out. The next tenant found a meth pipe in the fan above their stove.

The previous set of neighbors I had were a couple who fought a lot and the girl ended up throwing my bench through their living room window during a fight. The previous neighbor before them was a quiet guy who one day just never came back. Left his door hanging wide open with a bowl, box of cereal and a gallon of milk on the table. Left all his possessions behind. Wonder what happened to him?

I've also witnessed two grown men beat up two teenage kids with baseball bats right outside my apartment. Not only that but management once walked straight into my apartment without any notice while I was sick and napping on the couch. They raised my rent 3 times while I lived there. I could not get anything fixed (my oven was broken for about a month)

On top of all of that, I moved out at the end of my lease and somehow ended up being charged over 1,600 in back rent which I was completely unaware of until my wages started being garnished!! That 1,600 turned into 4,000 with court/ legal fees. HOW DID I END UP OWING THESE PEOPLE $4,000 WHEN I MOVED OUT AT THE END OF MY LEASE?!

Anyway just avoid these apartments at all costs. I moved in here out of desperation and thought it wouldn't be too bad but I was wrong. You're seriously better off living anywhere else.

With the rise of AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants apartment ownership/management in Utah, and other states life for tenants has changed for the worse. As a standard operating practice, AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) move in and make many changes that negatively impact tenants. AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants make life harder, more expensive and more inconvenient for everybody that lives in their managed properties. Unfriendly, inflexible, unfair and inconsiderate of resident comfort and satisfaction, Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) is ruining renter's lives, not only in Arizona, but in Colorado, California and Utah. It is getting very hard to find apartments without AMC LLC. Before AMC LLC there were companies that provided tenants the option to pay rent online, drop off rent after office hours especially important for people who work long hours, but it is also important to deal with people who really made us feel valued and welcome. You will not find this at AMC LLC managed properties. AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants hit you frequently with notices of changes, new restrictions on and increased penalties and costs have hit tenants like bricks. AMC LLC makes renting so bad, and shows that it will only get worse. The office staff and maintenance personnel reflect the cold and uncaring Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) business practices where money comes first and tenants are to be shut down, controlled and clipped at every turn. Most often, and without access to legal counsel, tenants are rushed and pressured into signing a lease that is over 20 pages long. It is a serious mistake to to sign AMC LLC documents without reading them carefully, and worse to automatically stay on here when your old lease expires. Watch out! It appears to be a standard AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) operating practice to offer tenants limited payment options, including no drop box for check, no online payment, no debit or credit card payment by phone, no option but to hand deliver payment during office hours (which are often reduced as a strategy AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) uses to keep their costs down and keep potential penalty revenues UP UP UP). If you are one day late, or arrive a minute after the office closes...you will be hit with a THREE DAY NOTICE TO PAY RENT OR QUIT notice secretly pinned to your door in the dark of night with about $200 in penalties and charges. All this must be paid with the rent immediately with money order, to be delivered in person, during office hours, of course. Even if you are longstanding tenant with perfect record a simple mistake, oversight (like forgetting the 3rd comes on a Sunday) does not matter to AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants (AMC). AMC LLC behaves as if they stand to make more money from penalties than managing the apartments. It is now like living with a credit card collection and billing machine...all penalties and inconvenience and trickery. Do not expect a pleasant surprise from front office when AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) once you sign a lease, or takes over a property you currently rent. It is sad, depressing and tense to live in uncertainty and treat of worsening conditions inflicted under AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) authority...and unsettling while we wait for the next AMC Property Management Consultants notice sticking it to us once again. With AMC you will find you will always be charged and paying more than you thought, and it will always get worse. AMC LLC in the complex is like living with a hungry snake. The AMC LLC name is now getting more and more familiar to renters, and recognized as a scourge to be avoided. Warning. Find out who is managing any apartment you plan to view. Avoid AMC or expect problems. Get to know AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) before you rent!
CONSUMERS BEWARE: AMC are NOT to be trusted! AMC,LLC aka Apartment Management Consultants manage multiple properties. Word to the wise: NEVER lease with them! Check with the BBB in any location/state you find AMC. This company earns failing BBB ratings racking up multiple consumer complaints including aggressive and unfair billing and collection practices. AMC is predatory and aggressive. This is just one more AMC LLC nightmare story. Check around before you rent anywhere, this is not the only AMC LLC nightmare. Beware. Avoid any property managed by AMC LLC Apartment Management Consultants.

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