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2 User Responses

The management does not follow through on major issues. Watch out for mildew - excessive moisture in apartments. And hard to get hot water. VDOT still owns this place when they had opportunity to sell but refused is beyond me. Another waste of the Virginia's taxpayer money. More washers broken than working. They spend money on new hall carpet and lighting so looks presentable to potential tenants but don't fix what's broken where you live every day.

By the way my email is triathlon29@hotmail.com. With the one post rule I'm reposting the original below. Contact (state) Senator Mark Obenshain. He is working on an anti-vdot waste campaign. Also contact the media. Addition: Julie Carey did a great piece on Circle Towers. Let's get them over here and expose these selfish scammers and liers.
Thanks for the contact. Will be writing letter with photos. When Ardith Dentzer was alive she tried with media with little success. VDOT has power in this city.

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