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Hunting Point on the Potomac
1204 South Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
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I resided at the property for 3 months, thank goodness I didn't sign a longer lease. Overall, you get what you pay for. I found the prices to be a value in the area, however the service is very very poor. They do not value their customers. It came time to renew the lease, the apartment manager wanted me to jump through hoops to try to upgrade to a larger apartment. I became very frustrated with the whole ordeal that I decided I would pay more to someone who would treat me as a customer. Everytime I asked a question, the manager said policy is policy. I came back to my apartment one day to find that they had resurfaced my tub (It looked great, but no notice that they were going to do this.) I had fumes in the apartment for a week and they didn't move anything out of the bathroom while they did it. I had to go buy a new toothbrush, comb, cup, shower curtain, towels, the works. I didn't even get an apology when I reported it. They blew me off like I was making it up. Tje noise was not too bad, and the parking lot was well patrolled. My neighbor had his car towed once because the tow-company contracted for the property did not see his decal. The property is good for a short term lease if you are trying to get your bearings straight, however I would not recommend it for anything longer.

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