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220 Twentieth Street
220 S. 20th Street, Arlington, VA 22202
1 User Response

I have lived at 220 Twentieth Street since a few months after it opened its doors in Crystal City. To start off, the building itself is very nice as are the amenities that are offered. However, the construction is not as sound as it appears to be. If you are considering moving to this building I would be sure to live on one of the upper floors, as the lower floors tend to have issues with hot water and banging pipes. The building also loses power quite often, especially when it is very hot outside. I live on one of the lower floors and do not have windows that can open. Sewer gas occasionally also makes an appearance from the floor drain underneath the washer and dryer. This most often occurs when it is very hot outside. So when your apartment is 85 degrees in July you'll wish you had not signed a lease. Management did once explain to me why the building had power issues and that explanation baffled me. He explained that since Crystal City was built on a swamp power issues should be expected. That is all good and fine if all of the other buildings in the vicinity did not still have power and that the street lights directly outside my window were not on.

This building is a LEED certified building. So it is good for people with allergies in general because they do not allow smoking. However, if you have pet allergies I would look elsewhere. The number of dogs in this building is ridiculous. I live close to the main elevator so I have the pleasure of hearing dogs fight and bark at each other as their owners are waiting on the elevator. If pet dander is your trigger, beware.

The LEED certification also helps make the building more energy efficient. The management company recently changed all the shower heads to lower flow models that have horrendously narrow spray patterns and cause the all the pipes in the apartment to rattle. Living in a LEED certified building is nice to say, just keep in mind that you will be paying more in rent than non-LEED buildings from my market research. Also they have just increased the cost of electricity and other utilities so that the residents are now footing the bill not only for their individually metered apartments, but for the rest of the building as well. I sure hope they are keeping an eye on the thermostat during the summer months.

In case it matters, there is a large turnover of staff in this building. All of the members of maintenance and from the leasing office that were mentioned in previous reviews are no longer here. In fact, I don't know anyone in the leasing office anymore as they have turned over the entire office at least twice since I moved in 18 months ago. I do want to reiterate that the concierges (Tony, Oye, and Adrian) are amazing and great people.

In sum, this building is in a great location and is a beautiful building, but it not worth the headache.

You know, I have to agree with you. When we first moved in, we were in love with this building. Seemed management was really responsive and cared about residents. Now they want us to pay for the common areas' utilities? Holy crap. And that letter we got under our door at 1:00 am on a Sunday morning makes NO sense. It spells nothing out - looks like it was purposefully written vague. As far as our leases saying it's okay for us to pay the common area utilities - uh - last time I checked, mine says I'm responsible for the LEASED PREMISES. I'm paying all my own utilities for my apartment, and I'll be damned if I pay for the building's. And the power going out all the time? At THESE prices? What's all that about? Unbelievable. Will NOT be renewing.

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