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Marbella Apartments
1301 North Queen Street, Arlington, VA 22209
3 User Responses

do not rent this apartment

This is a current customer. Living here is making me crazy. I am writing to warn people not to rent my current apartment unit, otherwise you will find you are living in a hell. You will suffer a lot. If you want to know which apartment it is, you can email me through fans2345@126.com. I will tell you more detail.

My current upstair neibourgh are very evil people who happen to be the relatives of an employee of this company. so they are very powerful.Although they violate the lease, they disturb the neibourghs, The evil upstairs people will not get punished. For instance, they rent this apartment in the name of an old lady (this is for low-income people), but instead 2 people are living upstairs which is not allowed according the policy of the company. One of them is very rich. But they are not punished.
Each time, we report the noisy condition of the upstairs at late night (like 1-1:30am or 3-4:30am and then 6:30am)to the managment office. I do not know why. The noisy conditions just become worse. Instead of becoming quieter at late night, The upstair people just become more intentional to disturb us and make louder noise at late night. We know they are intentional. They are so evil that they intentionlly sleep during daytime and did their housework at 12:20am-1:40am late night, making very loud sound like "dong,dong,dong". Then, Sometimes, they did their housework again at 4-4:30am and then 6:30am again, producing very loud noise.
Can you imagine the life when you are waken up at 1-1:30am, then 4-4:30am and then 6:30am again? For the whole night, they make sure that you could not get any sleep.
They are still doing that without punishment. while I am so suffering from that. This is really unfair. Just because the upstairs are relatives of an employee.

Unless the management office solved this problem or the upstairs people moved out, that apartment should be kept empty. I suggest people do not live
under or around these evil people. Otherwise, you will live in a hell. If you want to know which apartment it is, you can email me through fans2345@126.com.
I will tell you more detail.

Some people are so bad and evil that they do not consider aobut others at all. If these people own some power or have some advantage, they will be out of control. I know that employee whose family lives in this apartment. They disturbed the neighbourghs a lot and violeted a lot of rules. But they still lived very happily without any punishment. That employee is really evil that he told a lot of lies to his colleagues in the management office and he said a lot of bad words about people who live under them, although they made noises all night long to disturb others. If you have not ever encountered such bad people, you just have no idea about how to fight agains them. Sad...
yup, i had a similar situation living here. i talked to management about my neighbor's noise, and then found out the person was family of management. later that person threatened me. they violated obvious rules anyone else would have been evicted for, but management never did anything. i didn't pursue it because it was too stressful, and then i found a better apartment. now management is apparently completely new, so i don't understand how this can still be happening. but that's affordable housing in arlington for you.

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