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Grand Oaks Apartment Homes
5301 Grand Oaks Forest Circle, Chester, VA 23831
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I recently had the pleasure of speaking to the office manager for the first time and was appauled by her treatment to me. I just had questions to ask she put her hand in my face and said that she doesnt have time to talk to me.I tried to explain to her that it was something that I needed to speak about right away, then she just threatened to call the police. She was supposed to call me and set up a meeting, well its been 3 months and nothing. Ive called twice about routine things done and that hasnt happened. There is only one dumpster for about 500 residence that gets emptied only on mondays so by Sunday there is a huge wall of trash. They like to call us a "valued resident" but the only thing they value is your money....All in all I would not recommend this place to anyone. If your going to pay this much money for a place you should get treated like a human and at least have a complex. The police have been coming more and more often. The kids are never supervised and just wandering around. I dont feel safe walking around at night recently.

Last Updated: 06/09/11

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