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I went to sign my lease at Monument Park on a Friday, for a Saturday move in. I had not yet seen the apartment I would be leasing, so, when I asked to see the unit first, the leasing consultant told me she could not show it to me. It was only after 10 minutes of arguing with her and finally saying that I would not lease with them that she got the Community Manager to come and take me to my unit. My actual lease paperwork was wrong. The wrong apartment and wrong rent amounts were listed. When I questioned this, I was told to just make the changes myself and initial them. I had no idea what the physical address was!! When I asked for my keys, the leasing consultant told me that I could not have them until Saturday morning. When I told her that I needed the keys because I had movers showing up at 9:00 am and that MY leasing consultant had already authorized this, she finally gave me the keys.
The apartment itself was alright ... certainly not the "luxury" apartment it was advertised to be. The appliances are basic, simple white, no bells and whistles. The washer and dryer were full sized, which is a rarity in an apartment. The counter tops are formica in both the kitchen and bathroom. The front entry area had tile while the kitchen and the bathroom were vinyl. The bathroom is actually mostly carpet ... with vinyl flooring only in front of the tub. The bathtub itself is a very spacious garden style tub. All of the fixtures, faucets and appliances were in good working order. The apartment appeared clean and ready for move in.
When they came to change the HVAC filter (only done twice in my year there) they turned down the water heater. My water only got lukewarm. After 3 calls and a weeks wait time, that was resolved. The pipes in the apartment are very loud! They will wake you out of a deep sleep and it sounds as if someone is banging on your walls. The management is aware of this, but feel it is an unreasonable expense to incur to fix the issue. Most of my building has complained about the noise. The gates are a joke. They do not close after each car, and many times do not close at all!
Parking is a nightmare at Monument Park. There is basically one space for each apartment, and a large number of the apartments are two bedroom apartments. Also, each lease holder gets a parking pass! If you have guests come over, you must get a parking pass for them - only 10 are issued each day. You must get to the office when it opens, or you wont get a pass. You can purchase a covered parking pass for your guests at a rate of $10 per night ... IF they have any left. Several times, I came home to NO PARKING anywhere in the complex and all guest spaces outside the gates full. You cannot park in the guest spaces if you have a parking pass or you will be towed ... so where do you park? Management's solution is for you to rent a car port at $40 something dollars a month.
Snow removal is also something of a joke. The parking lot wasnt plowed until very late in the day. And, when it was, a half a$$ed job was done. The lots would refreeze with a thick lair of ice at night. The pictures I uploaded are from after the lot was "plowed" and then allowed to refreeze. Maintenance would be out mid day clearing the areas in front of the dumpsters, but would never clear the stairs or sidewalks! I dont know about you, but I could care less if the dumpsters are cleared if I cant get to them safely!
Monument Park is a dog friendly community, so be prepared to step in it. While there are trash cans with doggie bags throughout the community, they are never used and owners just leave their dog's business in the grass, on the sidewalk, wherever. Its disgusting. Also, some dogs are not as friendly as others, which is to be expected, but, to hear them bark at everything that walks by the door or window 24/7 is unacceptable.
The office staff in general are not helpful people. They are there for a paycheck, and not to assist you. If you come in with a question, comment or conern, you just get a blank stare. Good luck picking up packages at the office because often times they will misplace them. You can expect phone calls and emails to go unreturned and issues to go unresolved.
Move out was easy enough. They send you an envelope, you fill it out, drop in your keys and drop it off at the office. The fun part is weeks later when you get a random invoice for "damage" to the apartment. The damage is not specific and if you call for an explanation, dont think you will get one. You are also billed a processing and admin fee for having your utilities disconnected. Its not even a nominal fee ... its $25.00. That is on top of the admin fee from ISTA at $4.00. So, you have to pay $29.00 just to have your utilities disconnected.
For the luxury price you are paying, you would do better and get more for your money at a REAL luxury complex like The Elms.

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I flat out will not live in another Archstone Smith property again. I lived in three of them and Parking was a nightmare at all three. The one in Arlington at Virginia Square should be avoided at all cost. They have an underground garage and allows a toll truck to come on the property and remove cars for out of date tags. This is true because it happened to my friend who was visiting me. Also, don't think you will get your rental deposit back in whole. I actually had to call the county who gave me the name of the head person in charge at Archstone for VA. I called and lodged a complaint. I then got a call that they would return my deposit. I worked at a building as a rental agent. Management changed hands and the building was now an Archstone Smith owned building. When the residents found out about it, they left in droves never even caring that they were breaking their leases. They just refused to live in an Archstone Smith owned property. Really just avoid Archstone. You can do much better.
I have to agree with this posting and these comments! I will NEVER live in an Archstone Smith apartment again, even though they have been busy buying up property everywhere. Service was incredibly poor, the parking is a disaster, and I slipped plenty of times trying to get down the steps and out of the complex in snow/ice conditions. The walls sound paper-thin; every expense was spared in constructing these lousy units. Service in the office was so bad when we had to move (on government orders, but I still had to pay 1/2 month extra rent) I called corporate HQ in Colorado but got just as bad service. They should be blacklisted in every real estate publication and site and everyone should beware before committing to their monstrous service.
Archstone really is a disaster in so many ways. Don't expect to find a parking space if you get in after 7. For the amount they charge for rent, I shouldn't have to pay an additional $40 to get a parking space. The community slopes downward too, so that snow removal problem is really fun if you live in any part of the community that is on the slope. Also, if you move there don't plan on getting FiOS. It goes out constantly and its because the utility rooms leak. If you have an outage on a weekend, expect to be without phone or tv till Monday.
hey at least you never had the cops called on you multiple times by the neighbor below you for your dog playing with his toy for like 5 minutes...and never heard your neighbors doing it like i had to suffer through! lol

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