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Bridgeport Apartments
100 Bridgeport Cove Dr., Hampton, VA 23663
2 User Responses

ive lived here 2yrs and this is the one of the worst ghetto apartment complexes in hampton. the management sucks and the maintenance sucks really. you never see them and they dont do anything. the only good thing i have to say is that the apartment is ready for a fire. i like the sprinklers in all the rooms. good safety choice other than that. the manager --- is unprofessional and that girl ------ what ever her name is. they pick what apartment gets worked on. if they are still here i would not recommend that apartment complex to my dog. the pool wasnt even open the whole summer they find kids off the street to work the pool no professionalism at all.

well you will not have to deal with that unprofessional manager any more he kicked the bucket1-21-2014 . that sickly queen was pure de hell to deal with.now all they need to do now is boot that sorry Azz so-called regional manager karen .she is just as much of a two faced liar as the drug dealer dating, load gurgling manager she was backing .from cocaine landing and the incest loving/bestbuy discount queen who she made manager of this complex
That he/she used to work at mariners landing apt .now auburn points.as the so-called assistant manager .he/she was not about crap there either .new complex same stuck up queen.who spend more time looking for dates on line .or talking about incest .or who they have been with for discount at best buy,also no need to complain to the regional manager cause her behind is no better.SLN IS NOW MAKING HER SPEND MRE TIME ON THE PROPERTY CAUSE THEY FOUND SHE WAS NOT DOING HER JOB ..

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