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Mercury West
1601 Pennwood Drive, Hampton, VA 23666
1 User Response

Mercury west apartments in the best for the area. I have live here for three years and it has been cool. Management can be rude, but i just ignore them. All utilies are included so u save alot, assign parking but a guest back parking lot. The neighbor hood is quiet. only bad thing is that the walls are thin and some time u can hear when people are being really loud outside and your neigbors in their apartment. There were some people that had their car damaged and my neigbor apartment was broken in. (it seem to me there was more to the story but IDK) Keep to you self and be the kind of neigbor u would want to live next to u and this will be a great place to live.

Are you still there? I live on the other.side of the church. Do they cause probs for you too? We are looking to move in around march. I wanna look at a place but she told me to wait til February.

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