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3 User Responses

The place is nasty! I mean it!The management is full of empty promises. It's absolutely the worst place I've ever seen. The apartments are so old,everything is falling apart (including the ceilings!!). My ceiling fell a month ago. All they did was to put a plastic bag and kept promising that it will be fixed.There is mold everywhere from all of the floods. If you are concerned about your health, do not rent here.I am so glad my lease is up, and I can get out of here.

User photo uploaded on 07/14/2007
Yes it is bad there, however, all your health conerns and thousands of dollars spent, would it have noy been more cost effective and safer for you just to skip out to prevent all this? Who is binding you? Not a Lease if you really wanted to leave. Complain but stay? OK whatever!
I can certainly agree, even though I am a current residence I am aware of the flooding at least every other year. I had company last week, my guests were appalled at the smell and refused to even come into my apartment. How embarrassing. I can't help but worry for the infants and children being raised in these conditions because of the effect on their lungs and immune system. The management could not possibly have any pride in the business.
I too, live in Salem Ridge with my wife, (formerly Willow River). What a nightmare this place is, it’s constantly being sold to unsuspecting out of state investment groups, that have no idea of it’s history. The city of Salem has their hands tied from laws that protect scumbag landlords from any kind of prosecution for renting out an entire complex that FEMA has considered condemned from the various horrible floods over the years. You can Google the name WILLOW RIVER as it used to be named and see the floods yourself. FEMA will not stick another dime into the place (that’s the beauty of it, FEMA has given former owners of the property over 20 million dollars for repair and it all went into their pockets not the property) and as soon as the investment group understands what their money has purchased for their portfolio, they dump it. The cycle is endless; they patch up the new rotting area that just continues to rot. The maintenance guys they hire (who never have any experience in the field) always quit because they too, get extremely sick from the continued exposure to the black mold. There are cases of people (including myself) having serious health issues ( an older guy was placed in intensive care and almost died) from the continued exposure to the molds and other conditions. I have spent thousands of dollars on doctor’s bills for sinus and lung issues. The place smells like a sewer all year long and the grounds have these little drop outs (caused by the flooding) that are great for breaking your leg in too. Forget your kids while you live here too, you might as well send them out with a crack pipe so they can fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. I moved from another state and had no idea what I was getting into. We flooded out the third night we lived in the lower apartment (witch are supposed to be condemned) and had to move to a hotel (that they would not reimburse us for) for two weeks until a higher level apartment was ready for us and they would not let us out of our lease, even after our flood. People just look at you when you tell them where you live and say; don’t you know that place floods every year? No, we did not, we moved from out of state. So much for a cheap apartment, this place has cost us thousands of extra dollars in medical bills and a hotel stay. I have not even gone into the nightmare it is to communicate with the, LIE TO YOUR FACE property manager Jennifer. She is a real beauty; she will tell you the maintenance guys are on their way to fix all of your leaking plumbing. By the way all of the plumbing leaks ( or rotting carpeting or drywall ceilings falling) because most of the buildings have moved on their foundations from the floods. I have wasted endless days off from work, waiting for them to come, only to never even show up. There is no way in hell I will allow the scumbag maintenance guys into my apartment alone. Please heed the warning, do not move here, for your safety and the safety of your kids. Even if it’s just because the place has numerous class action law suits from just the health problems most tenants face after living there for a short time...Please, please heed this warning. By the way, we are not on welfare and have not been evicted. So even with all of these problems, we have been faithful to our rent payment and are leaving because our lease is up. My wife and I are two of the longest renting tenants in the entire complex. I say this because I am a man of my word, even under these awful conditions.

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