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Aspen Creek Apartments

11101 123rd Ln Ne, Kirkland, WA 98033
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I moved to Aspen Creek back in November, after leaving a property in Redmond which was a total nightmare (That will be its own review later...). While Aspen Creek has its own minor issues, I find overall that the property is… Full Review ▶


Aspen Creek has got to be a slice of heaven. Yes, it is an older complex and comes with those issues but the management and the crew are top notch. I have gone through some tough times and management has always… Full Review ▶


Aspen Creek is a great place to live. You will first be warmly welcomed by the staff who will always wave hello to you when they see you on the property. You will then be kindly greeted by your neighbors. This… Full Review ▶


I m usually someone that can be counted on for a good review. Being a glass half full type of gal, I can ordinarily find something positive to say about a product or a company. However, in this case, I m… Full Review ▶


Long time resident. Terrific staff.Pet policy excellent.Well maintained property. Management has always been super responsive to any concerns. Would recommend to anyone seeking the finest in apartment accommodations and amenities in the Kirkland area. Full Review ▶


Aspen Creek is one of the nicest apartment communities I have ever lived at. I hate calling it an apartment community, because it doesn't have that apartment community feeling. Everyone is so friendly, from neighbors, to the dogs, to the management… Full Review ▶


The units are very quiet because they were originally built as condominiums. The grounds are nice and the apartment are nicer than most. The manager is gay and will hit on you if you're a single man. He lets himself into… Full Review ▶


I started living in Aspen Creek on July 2009, I lived in a 2 bed / 2 bath apartment that was priced at $1,500 a month plus $40 for parking. 1 - OVERPRICED The apartment was spacious and the appliances were… Full Review ▶


I've lived at Aspen Creek almost a full year now and LOVE it. It is rare to find apartments where your neighbors become friends, walk your dog, baby-sit etc. Some of my neighbors have lived here for 10 and 12 years.… Full Review ▶


The "friend" above me is a very loud heal walker who disrespects the peace from 21 - 37 hours out of every week. My two taps with a mop handle after his WEEKS of stomping is like a slight beep of… Full Review ▶


After reading some of the other reviews from years ago, I can definitely say that things are very different now with the new manangement intact. I moved into an absolutely beautiful 2br/2bth flat in the J building and I couldn't be… Full Review ▶


I am so excited about my new place!! My husband and I are downscaling from a large home in Somerset that is just too big for us. I've looked at multiple properties before we decided on this one. Rick was an… Full Review ▶


The parking situation is a nightmare. If you can get a covered spot that cost extra because if you come home after 5 there is no parking available and you have to park on the street. Now, the maintenance people are… Full Review ▶


I decided to renew my lease at Aspen Creek, though I was not sure about the future of the property. We had a lot of problems, but were trying to hold out because we really loved our apartment, although we were… Full Review ▶


We came to this apartment complex attracted by the nice environment and apparently nice rooms. However the apartments are old and the isolation is really bad. One can hear how the wood cracks when you just simply walk on the floor,… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 3 months now; the staff has been great! It is truely a wonderful community. The office staff is very understanding. And maitenance has been good as well he tries as hard as he can to get… Full Review ▶


The new managment took over and it's circus here!! The manager keeps changing and now that we seem to have a current one she is never available and is unprofessional and COMPLETELY disorganized. Blames rather than taking care of things.

Maintenance is… Full Review ▶


Dear Great Potential,
Give it time and you to will deal with the same frustrations as the rest of us. You just haven't lived here long enough. I have been a tenant for 3 years now and only when this new Management… Full Review ▶


This is the worst place I have ever lived. The previous managers were OK but not great, the new managers are rude, argumentative and very unhelpful. This makes for a very unpleasant place to live. Full Review ▶


complex was sold ans is staying as rentals... the new staff is much better than the old staff... much more proffesional... a great place to live!! Full Review ▶


Don't bother, the complex is on the market and currently in escrow. Likely that the tenants will be booted and Aspen Creek will become condos for purchase rather than for rent.

Unprofessional, untrustworthy staff make this a bad place to live. Full Review ▶


i went to view an apartment at aspen creek and the place was great and so were the office staff, now me and 2 of my roommates are moving in there at the end of feb. were so very excited. the… Full Review ▶


My roomate and I signed a 9 month contract, and only lasted 4 months becuase the place was so gross. About two weeks into living there, we started smelling something gross in the apartment, and asked to have the carpets cleaned.… Full Review ▶


To me, this is actually a great apartment. I have lived there for 5 months - compared to most of the other places on the eastside, this has been great. A few complaints I have are unrelated to the leasing agents… Full Review ▶


i visited aspen creek and i was very impressed in the size of the apartments and the pool was vey nice as well as the grounds. also both ladies were very helpful in my choice to live there. now i live… Full Review ▶


I just went to look at what they have to offer and that Christina was in the office (she gave us her card) and we didn't know if she worked there at first because she looked 16 and she didn't pay… Full Review ▶


Acually a new staff member i believe her name is Christina try talk to my boyfriend and wanted to go out with him and she tryed to get his phone number he refused and she ask if it was cause of… Full Review ▶


Whatever you do, do not move here. The office staff is SO DUMB. They are rude and they dont care about you.
They show you DIRTY apartments, even when the maintenence guys are cleaning it and fixing it. IT IS HORRIBLE.… Full Review ▶


The management staff is extremely nice and very helpful. Grounds are kept up and buildings are very nice. Terrific place to have animals. Highly recommend living here! Full Review ▶


I?m really surprised at some of the reviews I?ve read here. I?ve lived here for 9 months, and have had an overall good experience. I?ll try to go over the apartment as accurately as possible.


There are two… Full Review ▶


My wife and I moved in April and we love it.
Noise - One reviewer writes about noise complaints, that is a load of crap. The apartments were built originally as Condo?s, so the insulation and sound proofing is second to… Full Review ▶


I live here and have to say I will not renew my lease. I have been here for 2 years and for the price I pay I expect a little in return.

Parking is a nightmare and the property is… Full Review ▶


Yes, they look great from the outside, but keep these things in mind:

- Overpriced!
- Terrible parking situation!
- VERY noisy!! (It backs up to 405!)
- Try getting out of the complex..and onto the main road of 124th.… Full Review ▶


Take my advise,

Please think twice before renting here! I moved in last year and will not be renewing my lease due to several reasons.

I understand that every property is different and with that comes the good and… Full Review ▶


Not a bad place to live. They have a pool, hot tub and workout room that you can acccess 24 hrs.

The place is kept clean and they take dogs if you have one.

I think it is a… Full Review ▶


I wrote the earlier "Peace & Quiet" review and have to say that things have definitely changed now. For 2 years this was the quietest complex I had ever lived in, but now it is one of the noisiest. Mostly, it?s… Full Review ▶


The management at Aspen Creek is the only reason we moved out! We were lied to and bullied more than once but the manager Kim, that´s when she wasn´t too busy talking on the phone or looking down her nose. Many… Full Review ▶


I love it here. Full Review ▶


I am a single, mid 30-year old who has had nothing but issues with the staff at Aspen Creek.
The main problem that I have is broken promises. They promise you the world to get you in and then they just… Full Review ▶

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