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Avalon Brandemoor
3333 164th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98037
2 User Responses

Avalon Properties is a very large property management company with locations all over the county. They have very good looking units with beautiful grounds. They also have very well established procedures and practices. I'd like to make you aware of a few of these. Firstly, if you take an apartment sight unseen, they'll bait and switch you. For example, they'll tell you you have a top floor apartment then when you show up to take it, you find out your on the second floor sandwiched between two very noisy tenants. So definitely check the apartment out before renting. Make sure the balconies of the apartments around you don't look like films of Beruit during the 1982 Israeli invasion. You know all of that trailer park stuff outside. Then they'll have you fill out a form with all of the issues with the apartment. Take pictures with time and date stamps on the picture. Submit copies of the pictures along with your form and keep a copy for yourself. When it comes time to move out, they will charge you to fix all the defects on your form and claim they occurred while you were here. When you ask to look at the form you submitted, they'll claim they don' thave it and it's at the central office. Don't let them do this. Keep a good record and even hire an attorney if needed. Avalon regularly tries to get tenants when leaving to pay for normal wear and tear. You'll not only pay for the stuff the previous tenants did (pet stains, dents in walls, damanged cabinets, flooring) you'll also pay for anything you soil or wear, like carpet. Normal wear and tear is supposed to be included in your rent and you should only pay for unusual wear or damage that happens during your tenancy. Avalon has a system. They make money when you move in, and they make money when you move out. They don't really care if you stay. Either way they come out a head. They enter apartments illegally without notice and do not leave a note stating they were there. This is state law and required for even emergencies. The staff in the office is completely uneducated and only care about collecting your rent. Good luck getting maintenance, particularly if it's going to cost them. If your washer breaks, they take one from an empty apartment that is seven or eight years old. That new tenant in the other apartment get's a new one. Nice huh? The people in the office refuse to deal with tenant issues like noisy or problems caused by pets. People let their dogs bark all day while their at work or out. People have huge parties and blast TV's 24/7 and they won't do a thing. They don't want that tenant moving out and losing the rent over it. And the tenants here seem to be the worst. Lots of low income people from CA who have had to move out of lost homes, early 20 sometings in apartments for the first time, and worse. It's like a college dormitory crossed with a trailer park. Rent a garage to guarentee parking. Parking is horribl here. It's only way to make sure your car is not vandalized. Just for parking in a spot someone thinks is there's. Lots of better places to live around here for less money. The only way you'll be treated fairly here is with an attorney.

Wow, I love these apartments. I have never had a problem with nosy neighbors at all, we must be on the quiet side. I absolutely love it here, are we talking about the same place?
I can only second what "Rottentenant" has posted. I was going to write a long final review now that our lease has ended, but this previous tenant paints a better picture of what it is like doing business with Avalon. The noise level was really the deceiding factor for us to give up on this complex, and we are pretty upset with the way the office has handled (adding charges not list in the contract)the final stages. You can do much better. Good luck.

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