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Bellwether Apartments
1400 Fones Rd Se, Olympia, WA 98501
4 User Responses

If you have little ones DO NOT MOVE to Bellwether Apartments. I received a "noise complaint" no explanation on the notice why only a note telling us to refer to our lease agreement regarding the quite hours of 10pm-8am. If they are going to give a resident a notice they should inform them of the noise causing the problem so the resident is aware of what to stop or look into. I called just to be told it was the "outside" noise that was made during the morning. At 7:50am (10 min. before quite time is over) we take our 4 year old and his little sister out to the bus. Little kids giggle and skip and make a little noise, there is no screaming or yelling. Apparently this noise is annoying to the residents who have NO children and are keeping track of the 10 minutes... Really??? They should focus more on security for their residents so apartments aren't being broke into and mail boxes aren't being destroyed. This place is over priced and dinky with horrible customer service I would not suggest moving here.

That's fantastic for you that you record the bus schedule every day. LOL. Strange... a 3 year old rides a regular school bus????? That's a little young for preschool at the public school, even. Your kid must be extrememly gifted and got into preschool a year early. Congratulations to you! Nope, having a child doesn't give you a free pass, but not having one doesn't give you a free pass to be an uptight ------- over 5 or 10 minutes! Maybe if the walls of the apartment weren't paper thin then it wouldn't be as loud, or perhaps if the windows weren't single-paned and thinner than the walls? As for the fire alarm situation... that actually happened several times when we lived there and I didn't call and complain to the office, because a little noise is just a part of life! Do you complain when your neighbor starts their car to leave for work at 5am or 6am? If not, you should- right away! What an abuse of quiet hour rules! I highly doubt that the child walking to the school bus with his/her parent was louder than footsteps down the stairs, a car engine and slamming car doors.
The bus comes at 7:55am sometimes as late as 8... kids are kids and some people have no understanding of that at all but what goes around comes around. I do not walk around thinking I should have some short of special treatment because I have children, acturally I'm treated worse by "some". My children have been woken up at night because of loud noises, but I do realize I leave in an aptartment and that will happen. I biggest complaint is how ---- one has to be to complain over 5 minutes. I have notified the bus driver of this problem (which of course they all laughed at what a joke whoever made the complaint must be) and are now the last to be picked up.
This board is hilarious! I hate my downstairs neighbors and I complain to the office and I like the girls in the office and since my downstairs neighbors screaming children wake me up during quiet hours, I'm glad the office can do something about it! I hate being woken up on my days off by domestic violence or screaming kids, or barking dogs and I report it all! I'm a night person, so nighttime noises don't bug me much, but I like to sleep in. People should be more respectful of others rights. Bet you wouldn't like it if you had just gotten your baby to sleep and someone set of the fire alarm, would you? You don't get a special pass because you had a kid though, you have to go by the rules just like the rest of us!
Yes, I sit and record what time the bus comes, because I walk my three-year old out to it. I also watch the bus leave the property at 8:30. I don't care what anybody else does, unless it disturbs my daughter. I signed a lease here with the added bonus of there being a quiet hour, and when I comply with my lease I expect others to as well.

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