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Saffron Apartments

22850 Northeast 8th Street #104, Sammamish, WA 98074
% Recommended
City Average

I've been living here, in a 1 bed/1.5 bath, for almost a year now, and I'm so happy with my apartment. Before I moved here, I had been doing my research for the perfect place to live for over a month,… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Saffron for over a yeat and I LOVE IT. It is the best apartment I have rented so far. The only reason I will be moving out next month is to be closer to Bellevue and Seattle.… Full Review ▶


I sued Investco and got all my money back $1100 that they claimed was damage due to my pet. However, I subpeoned previous records of tenancy on that unit and turned out the previous tenant had cats. The carpet pads were… Full Review ▶


What do I like: For the most part, I'm left alone. The rent is reasonable. The underground parking is OK. The dishwasher works pretty well. Gas appliances are awesome - the gas water heater I love (have the dishwasher running, do… Full Review ▶


I had lived at the Saffron and really liked it. I have lived in a one bedroom and and a loft/studio. The studio is not what you would think. There is a bedroom with half walls, you walk up a few… Full Review ▶


I've lived at Saffron twice, each time for about a year. I've rented a studio, and also a 1-bedroom. I've found living at Saffron to be the best rental experience I've had, for several reasons: --The rent was reasonable, especially for… Full Review ▶


Moved in here a 1.5 years ago. I loved the fact that this property has secure door and garage entry which only residents have access to. Its good to know that I can leave my car safely in the garage because… Full Review ▶


Judging from the other reviews I think I lucked out. I have a unit around the back side of building 1, facing a wooded area (not the street or retail parking lot). It's extremely quiet, I've never heard a peep from… Full Review ▶


I moved into this property in April 08. I was given a unit right next to the garbage chute, so while I'd like to complain about the noise from the garbage area realistically I should have expected it upon accepting this… Full Review ▶


We enjoyed our time at Saffron. Indoors, it was always very quiet. One the couple of occasions that neighbors were too loud, there were notices posted to remind the residents about the noise policy and there were no more problems. As… Full Review ▶


Unless you enjoy lots of noise from both the retail below and other residents. The managment does not care that the retail division of Investco has landscaping noise going on at 7am on weekends, nor do they change it once you… Full Review ▶


Amy & Chris who work in the leasing office are very friendly and responsive.

The apartments look much better and are more interesting than the other complexes in Sammamish. You can walk to everything and it has great views.
Full Review ▶


Manager Amy is very friendly and helps willinly.
Quality is good, huge windows. Bus stop is close. Prices are fine. The best place in the area. Full Review ▶


This place is awesome. The apartments are modern and the shopping nearby is great. Plus you have an awesome steak house downstairs if you want a nice dinner without having to drive. Full Review ▶


I lived in a studio apartment over the Steakhouse entrance for 3 years. If you have to work 9-6 type hours in redmond, the commute is horrible. If you are flexible enough to travel at other times, the location is great.… Full Review ▶


We lived here for 2 years, relocating to the back of the rear building after numerous noise issues at all hours coming from the retail shops.

Although the management was usually very sympathetic to listening, they were never able to resolve the… Full Review ▶


I think its a nice place and quite most of the time. But yet you have to remember it's still an apartment. So sometimes there may be noise or something else you may not like at times. It doesn't have A/C… Full Review ▶


When I first moved in her I was very satisfied. The place itself is great, but the management is horrible. Actually the subordinate employees are very good about helping out when they can, but the manager is reluctant to do anything… Full Review ▶


I should have left the apartment dirty because they charged me for cleaning it anyway and then went about charging me 100 bucks for touchup paint to every single room.

Other than that, the heated floors, gas appliances and fireplace… Full Review ▶


I´m on the fourth floor and for almost 2 years the roof fans (which seem to only come on when it´s cold now) were so noisy you couldn´t sleep. I also gave up complaining to staff about janitorial companies using the… Full Review ▶


Although I gave the complex a pretty good review about 2 years ago when I was in a studio her; I am having to change my opinion now. We have moved to a very large apartment on the 3rd floor. When… Full Review ▶


I lived on the 4th floor facing the "quiet" wooded area for two years.

I say "quiet" because the alley behind the apartments quickly turned into an all-hours teen hangout spot. Graffiti, skateboarding, yelling, fighting, car stereos, you name it.… Full Review ▶


Saffron is great! Here is the deal... after reading all the other comments I have to laugh. First of all, you chose the location. I specifically chose the location to be away from the City...and it is. When you leased the… Full Review ▶


lived here now for 5 months, so far so good. Very nice interiors, with a rare wooded setting. haven´t had to call management yet, so don´t know about that complaint. i´m on 4th floor, and the laundry room fans can be… Full Review ▶


I love the gas range! It´s so rare in an apartment! Everything is great... I agree with the point that the staff is quite unresponsive... I have complained about my neighbors above me numerous times (do they not understand the concept… Full Review ▶


I cant say I have had any of the problems anyone else has had. My car has never been broken in to. I live on the street side and it is a bit noisy. There are leaf blowers in the parking… Full Review ▶


The office staff was great when we moved in, but is now completely unresponsive since the management changed. They cut office hours (finally relented and had weekend hours again), are unhelpful and unknowledgeable WHEN they´re available, and put signs on every… Full Review ▶


The apartments are very nice. I had a studio and was very happy with it. It had great appliances and was fairly sound proof. If you can get over the circus decor in the halls, its very pretty. However, it is… Full Review ▶


Nicely designed apartments, well appointed interiors, roomy bedrooms and bathrooms, excellent kitchens.

Roof fans seem to start at 4am and are so noisy they drown out everything else. We were on the top floor and they really were awful.
Full Review ▶


these comments are exerpts from my notice to vacate. these are the issues which have caused me to decide to move:

First and foremost: unresponsive property owners and management.

Theft. My car stereo was stolen from my… Full Review ▶


Nice location, nice design, a little noisy Full Review ▶


The place would be great if it was quiet. There are several rooftop industrial fans which seem to run all day/night sometimes for days which often drowns out the sound of the TV! Surprisingly noisy for a concrete/steel constructed building.
Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 1205
11 $ 1625
11.5 $ 1304
21 $ 2196
22 $ 1942


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry in Units

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