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Klee Lofts and Suites
2717 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
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The Klee is now condos, but many of the units are rented, especially in the more economical "suites" building. I rented a one-bedroom here for six months in 2005.

Overall, it was a pretty good apartment. I have a few complaints.

The garage was extremely cramped. There were many huge SUV or similar vehicles (entirely inappropriate for an apartment building). Sometimes these inconsiderate people would take up more than one parking space. I suppose it could have been worse.

Getting packages was a pain. If you weren't there during management office's hours, you had to hope that the nighttime security guy was there and could be found. It was hit or miss. (He was a very nice guy, however.)

Having a balcony was nice in theory. However, the balconies of the 'suites' building faces the balconies of the 'lofts' building, and they are very close together, which was kind of a strange construction/design decision. This meant that there was a lot more noise and less privacy than there otherwise might have been.

My single biggest complaint had to do with the strangely large number of smokers in the Klee buildings. Many residents smoked on their balconies. Because the balconies of the two buildings were so close together, smoke would flow from one building to the other easily. Also, my apartment's bedroom was right over the balcony of the apartment below me, and smokers lived there , so the smoke would go right up and flow into my bedroom. This was outrageous. Anyone thinking of renting, let alone buying, in the Klee should be aware of this problem (if they aren't smokers). Strange that so many smokers would be concentrated in one building.

Another complaint is that there were a lot of annoying dog owners in the building. On my floor, there were people who'd routinely let there dogs run around in the hallways. This, too, was outrageous.

The "suites" building is not well-designed like the "Lofts" building; it is more like the typical downtown Seattle late 1990s-era rental housing stock, sort of tacky and badly constructed. The "lofts" building is much nicer, and is worth considering for rental or purchase, but beware of the smoking issue.

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