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My husband and I moved into this apartment building from Bellingham WA. We chose it because it was close to North Seattle Community College, where my husband was going to school. Upon first look, it was clean, stylish, has 2 pools,free parking included with apt, a pretty courtyard, spacious one bedrooms with lots of closets, and the staff seemed capable, helpful and nice. There were downsides, $25 a month pet rent, we had to pay all utilities including WSG and shared coin laundry.

The day we moved in it was like a switch flipped. The cleanliness level of the grounds dropped sharply, the pools suddenly had a fungus problem and were shut down by the health dept. in the heat of summer. The workout room suddenly had constantly broken equipment and the free weight set got smaller and smaller. The staff, we soon discovered, were a bunch of clueless nitwits that could barely keep the place running with no regard for the tenants that they were there to help. Below is a list of the issues that my husband and I lived with while being stuck at the Galleria.

* a nasty crotch sniffer stole most of my panties over a 3 month period from the laundry room.
* ------------------ was raped in the laundry room.
*constantly overflowing dumpster, with bags and bags of trash all over the place. The trash would also be all over the parking lot due to animals breaking open the bag and dragging it all over.
*2 pools that we couldn't use for over a year with no answers from management.
*we went from 2 years of free parking to having to pay $30 per month to park.
*Verbal abuse from tenants who hate dogs and feel the need to curse at me and call me names when I walk mydog in the community courtyard.
*we rented a locked storage unit down the hall from our apt and one day found someone's personal and packed travel bag being stored in there. The door was locked, we have the only key( I guess not) and we were just in there 2 days ago. All the staff could say was "weird". We demanded that they change the locks. It took them 5 days.
* A drug dealer on the floor below us. His hooker customers hanging out in the laundry room on their cell phones for up to 1 hour. His other creepy customers loitering around the front door asking to use my phone as I came home from work.
*Rotting food and diapers in the hallway. Not even in trash bags. Just kickin' it in the hall, stinking up the place to the point where I was gaging.
*some crazy girl who was mad that she got caught with her pug and had to pay pet rent, that she would let her dog pee and poop all over our hallway. Everyday, all day. All management did was tell me "we told her that she can't do it anymore and we are not renewing her lease." Oh, great!

These are just the hightlights. The place is also very noisy with drunks screaming on their porches and in the parking lot. Ambulances and firetrucks are frequent visitors at all hours of the day and night. If you are asking yourself why we stayed for 3 years, we simply could not afford to move out. Moving is expensive and we had to save up. Now that we are out, they are claiming that we only paid $200 for a deposit instead of $400, and that our $200 pet deposit was waived by a guy that didn't even work there when we moved in. They didn't even realize that we moved in when a different management company ran the place and they didn't even transfer the lease details to their records.

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