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Roosevelt Tower Apartments
1104 S Yakima Ave # 102, Tacoma, WA 98405
0 User Responses

Moved in around mid 2011, at first I loved it here. 6 months later that changed. Crack Heads everywhere, people you don't know hit on you for rides in your car, prostitutes come here or should I say brought here by tenants. Walls are extremely light so no matter how quietly you talk they here you, people just walking by can here everything and I mean everything. There is a man on site that claims to be a part of the management, and whether you want to or not, you will meet him. Extremely nosey person, starts fights between residents, walks into peoples apartments, yeah walks in just like you would a store, and yells at them. Claims to be the owners "brother" and thinks he can do whatever he wants, he is worse than the crack heads that call this place home. Management is a joke, very slow to fix any problems. Neighborhood is terrible. Crack heads everywhere, in the apartments across the alley there is a sex offender living there. Drug dealers call this place home, people yell and scream, you can smell weed and cigarette smoke ,it comes through your vents,...it is bad. The apartment units are not bad but the kitchen is 99% plastic, plastic on the countertops as well. Cheap appliances everywhere. Laundry room is disgusting, bugs crawling on the soda machine. The laundry machines are so dirty there's dirt build up on them, they never clean them and people dump off extra food they get at the food bank in there and it attracts bugs. While I was here my mom and I had to go to the laundry mat up by the Titlow district.
This place is by far the worst apartment out of the 4 I've lived in. Thank god I got a job and moved out. I would truly not recommend this place to anyone.

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