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Carriage House

4714 Northeast 72nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98661
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City Average

I have not seen any improvement from previous reviews written a year ago. Except for the maintenance crew who seems to try hard to please, this apartment complex is a mess. I think it's due to the current unfriendly manager ----.… Full Review ▶


The hallway with the stairs when you first enter smells and is dirty. You will never get used to the smell. The master bedroom has a very small closet and bathroom attached and more than half is carpeted, which is not… Full Review ▶

Manager Response

I was one of the very first tennants at the Carriage House when it opened in 1991. I lived there for 2 years then, left for 2 years and came back for 4 years. I then remarried and moved to CA… Full Review ▶


I love this place. It is well lit and has enought parking spaces and mine is right in front of my place. The apartment is big a 2 bedroom 2 bath. The price for the rent I believe is reasonable for… Full Review ▶


I searched all over the Vancouver area looking for a large but cozy two bed. I was pleased to find Carriage House. The complex is gated and the buildings have a double entry door. Meaning before you walk up to my… Full Review ▶


I moved down to Vancouver and did not know the area at all so was pleased to find Carriage House since they offered a gated complex and locked buildings. I rented for one year and I am SOO glad to be… Full Review ▶


Do not rent from these people! My husband and I moved in in March 2011 and spent almost $4,000.00 a month later to break our lease. Why? When we rented the apartment I asked one simple question; how many people live… Full Review ▶


I have lived in 5 different apartments, and not once have they charged me more than my deposit when i moved out, except for Carriage house. The funny thing is that apartment was left cleaner than all the rest. And when… Full Review ▶


I moved into Carriage House over four years ago from across the bridge. I have renewed my lease now three times and have no plans to move, I simply love it here. The property is beautiful, management and maintenance both have… Full Review ▶


This place seems good -- gated community, clean grounds, and nice apartment size and layout. However, there was a group of drug dealers that were "friends" with 3-4 residents. This group antagonized residents, were loud, broke beer bottles near the pool,… Full Review ▶


The carriage house is a great place to live. I have lived in several apartments complexes and by far this one is the best. It is quiet and peaceful, safe, pet friendly, the office staff are very friendly and noligable. I… Full Review ▶


I have seen some turn over in the office and I was glad to see a familiar face apear on the seen. All apartments have their issues and I think that this one has way less than most! The construction is… Full Review ▶


I am a current resident. Office staffing has a high turnover rate and the current staff is unknowledgable and rather unintelligent. Parking spaces are narrow and my car has been vandalized 4 times. The perimeter fencing is intermitent and residents, animals… Full Review ▶


In the 8 months I've lived here, I've received a water bill two times. Every time, the management makes an excuse as to why it's late (or never arrives, as has been the case all but those two times), and treats… Full Review ▶


I have been living at the Carriage House for many years now and I am very upset to see the negative things that have been said about where I live!
The staff here have ALWAYS been very concerned about making sure everything… Full Review ▶


If your looking for an apartment let me save you some time, dont look at the carriage house. I lived here about 6 years ago go married and bought a house, anyway 6 years later a divorce so I decided I… Full Review ▶


I lived at the Carriage House for a year. The apartments were wonderfully maintained by the excellent staff of Jollen, Sky, Tony and Cheryl. When I needed something taken care of, all I had to do was inform the staff and… Full Review ▶


Since moving from the Carriage House at the end of August 2006, I've received no contact regarding what I assumed would be a small bill.. Until today when I was informed by HSC, the apartment's parent company, that if I didn't… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for over 5 years. The current staff always takes the time to ask me how I'm doing. They both are very welcoming when I come in not just when I have a rent check. The maintenance is… Full Review ▶


To whom it may concern, I lived at the Carriage house for 6 months that was long enough! As soon as my lease ended I had my bags packed and was outta here. I moved to a really nice complex called… Full Review ▶


I will have to agree with a previous posting that the repairs ARE slow to
happen.If you want into one of the builidings, a person has to ring the
buzzer. I know some people's buzzers have been broken since moving in… Full Review ▶


This is my six month living here and I absolutely love it. Probably the quietest and most friendly apartment community I've lived at. I will definitely be staying here for a while. Full Review ▶


I always feel safe here. I love that walls are painted. The amenities are excellent. The staff is helpful and friendly. Maintenance is prompt. Full Review ▶


I lived at the Carriage House and was very impressed with the community, the on-site management and my apartment. However, when I moved out and cleaned the apartment (to my eye very cleanly) the management (HSC, whoever that is) sent me… Full Review ▶


Staff is crappy, cranky, unhelful, repairs slow, repairmen useless. No ammenities work during the summer. Wouldn't get rid of next door drug dealer becuase he was black and it was considered descrimination.

Save yourself, don't waste your money! Full Review ▶


I lived here a few years ago and only moved because of my job, but as soon as I got transferred back to the area after searching many apartments in this area the Carriage House by far is the nicest.
Not only… Full Review ▶


Initially management is accomodating, friendly and courteous. Soon you realize it isn´t genuine. As time passes, the less professional and courteous they become despite your best attempts to be friendly. Problems and repairs were not addressed in a timely fashion and… Full Review ▶


Carriage House is by far the best apartment community that I have lived at. Not only is the community beautiful but the people who live here are so friendly. I´ve lived here for over a year now and have been here… Full Review ▶


Since HSC has bought this place, it has taken a nose dive in service. The staff does not care about the residents. The previous office staff jumped at the chance to help. I wish they would come back. Full Review ▶


I´m not sure what the previous person was speaking of, but I think the new management is making a lot of progress! The grounds look better, the garbage is dumped on a regular basis, they are always working hard on some… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


HSC REAL ESTATE INC, They dont care about their long term Tenants. People that have been here along time get no respect or concederation. If a tenent has problem with loud People above them , no big deal. Let tenents back… Full Review ▶


It was purchased by HSC properties. Repairs take over a week to get completed and the management hasn´t a clue. Full Review ▶

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