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Norwood Villa
7103 NE 44th Circle, Vancouver, WA 98663
3 User Responses

Norwood Villa past and current residents,
If you lived in Norwood Villa with ---------- as your manager I need your help!
I have filed a lawsuit against -----. I, like everyone else, is sick of his crap. Things not being repaired, rarely in his office, you can't talk to him outside because it's "his time," security is a joke. The only security for residents is the bikers who live there (Who also help with problem solving between residents.) Thy do a better job at running the place than ----- does!
I am asking people to send me affidavits , I will take them all to court with me, then I will take them to the Columbian and channel 2 news (2 on your side.)
Please make sure you put the date you moved in and out, along with the date your wrote it and a signature. Only put the facts that pertain to you and make sure you sign it. Lets make this a better place to live for the people who still suffer there.
Please send your affidavits to Raynette Reed 8824 NE Lewis Drive Vancouver WA, 98662
Thank you for your help!

Are you still collecting affidavits?!!
What is your lawsuit based on? I loved my apartment until they took over management. People who had loved their homes and lived there for over 10 years moved out because of the management. It was so sad. There used to be beautiful trees and it was so quiet. They ruined a nice place. When I was moving out he was allowing people to work on their cars, revving engines and all, while drinking beer and blasting music right outside my front door. He didn't make repairs in my apartment and never had the trash pick up until it was literally overflowing into the parking lot. It was a little over 2 years ago and I can't imagine that anything has gotten better. Let me know why you are filing a lawsuit and I will see if I have anything that pertains to what you are doing. It is very unfair what they are doing.
Who owns the property now? that is who you have to take to court.

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