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11201 Northeast Highway 99, Vancouver, WA 98686
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Once you settle into your new apartment here at timber knoll, you will start to see our lovely mold growing from the walls, outlets, light switches and windows. and if you look close enough, you will see Craig...your manager looking at you through his binoculars. well ok, you dont have to look that close, he dose it in the middle of the parkinglot. on 5-13-09 i turned in a work order to have my electric outlets replaced, they shock you and arch out, and push into the wall if they even work at all, and to have my mold removed, among other minor things.in return i have mold to this date,6-11-09 the day after my 20 day notice. i have bin repeatedly yelled at and accused of drug dealing by Craig and Wendy as a retallitory action for sending in a work order. if you want to live here without dealing with his harassment, dont ever turn in a work order...thats when it starts to go down hill, then before you know it, every other day your getting a 3 day notice, and then your final 20 day notice....welcome to timber knoll where you live in fear of your managers, and next to neighbors that will steel your car...just ask around and you will learn what DEA investments is all about!

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